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    smart flipphones: Cingular 3125 revisited

    For those who care most about their smartphone being a flipphone... the Cingular 3125 (HTC Startrek) is still one of the sleekest PDAflipphones out there. Of course it is not Palm (its WM/Smartphone), and is GSM, not Sprint. But it is a very nice package.

    The thing I wanted to mention is that, due to hacker efforts, it now can run either WM6.1/smartphone or WM6.1/PPC (Pro)! That it, it will run the latest WM software, which is a pretty amazing feat for a 2year-old phone.

    So for those that really still want a flipphone that's also a PDA/smartphone, I think that the 3125 is one of the few real contenders... and it runs the latest stuff very well...

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    Thanks, MB. I’m either too lazy or too broke to change carriers, especially after extending my Sprint just for the fifty bucks.

    Here’s a review for others more interested: Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

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