So im looking at my I5 and i gets to thinking to myself.
"self," i thought, "i love this gizmo here. But there is one thing missing, and I don't think it would be to difficult to add to the exsisting model."

So I came up with the thought to ask if anyone else has thought of this solution and if so looked in to actually accomplishing said solution.

my thoughts are, an external SD slot that will attatch over the battery case, (( add about an 8th of an inch to the thickness of the I5)) , connect through the charge/hotsync connection ((possibly with a seperate charge/hotsync connection on said attatchment))

anyone had this thought/concern/solution. i would love to have a SD slot on this.

ideas on solution? workaround?

*until next time, i'll have my head down in the samsung site to get tech docs of the I5 as well as search for a SD external dealy * maybe? maybe not?<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>