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    What to do with my i500s and accessories?

    Hi All,

    I switched to an iPhone 3G in December 2008 and no longer need my i500s and all the accessories. I have two i500s, four cradles and AC adaptors, a travel charger, and a special Krussel case.

    Do you think I would have any luck selling any of this, or is my best bet to just donate it or something?

    This forum was an absolutely invaluable resource when I was an i500 enthusiast. Thank you all for that!


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    Donate it. Ciao bello. B B
    That'sssssssss all folks!

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    I kept one for nostalgia and sold one on ebay... got a pretty good deal too, but that was a year+ ago...

    although donating is theoretically good, the chances that a donee? could actually make good use of a i500 over even a $10 Katana is pretty small, i.e. I would guess that donating a i500 is equivalent to tossing it in the trash.

    I would see what's happening on ebay, and otherwise offer it up, probably on Sprintusers.com - The Place for Sprint Phone Reviews, Sprint Tools, and Sprint Ringtones. to anyone that wants it... (loving home and all that...)

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    I'd try to sell it. You could get some money out of it. Or garage sale, or take it to flipswap. For some odd reason they won't give you anything for it, even though they'll give five dollars for this retarded LG phone I had from a year or two ago. I couldn't believe they payed so much for that piece of garbage.

    But if you want, here take a look at the eBay page:

    samsung i500, great deals on Cell Phones Smartphones, Sprint Nextel on eBay!

    - 2 Bunny

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