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    I still charge my i500 for the hell of it - although lost all the contacts when it died once - can't sync with anything now - since no systems sync with Palm.
    Did TP2 for a couple of years - will go to Android soon - as soon as I learn how to sync outlook calendar and contacts with the Google stuff to view all offline when not in the country and no wireless (Mexico).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlv View Post
    I'm still using my i500... I got it 8 years ago!

    (although, I'm about to give up the flip and move to an Android brick)
    In fact, I did go with the brick Nexus S 4G. Hate the form-factor, but love what I can do with it. The i500 is sitting in one of my desk chargers.

    I'm considering the Nexus a temporary learning experience; my daughter is due for an upgrade next month, and she'd be happy to take it from me... so I can use the upgrade on (possibly) something else.

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