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    Anyone Switch To Centro?

    I'd post on the Centro forum but no ones posted there in over a year and they got no replys.
    Former I500 users will understand my reluctance to switch. I'm getting more business clients texting me me and I don't get the message.
    Need to move up to something else. Reluctant to give up Palm or syncing with all my Outlook stuff.
    Centro seems to be my only option. Any thoughts on the transition?
    Is Centro durable enough?
    Does the browser still work?

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    if it isnt an iphone or android device, you are likely not to hear many (if at all) responses.

    i will admit im off the palm bandwagon but is the Centro still being made? i thought its heyday ha long passed?

    why not look at newer handsets? i believe there are some using Web OS no?

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    I moved past my Centro two years ago when I could not get a sprint signal out in the area where I now live. I went to the Motorola Droid first and have now moved on to the Droid X2. I love the thing, being able to restore my phone easily was nice in the event of a hard reset, but syncing contacts with Google is no big deal, and you can still sync with an exchange server no problem. The phones even support multiple exchange accounts which is real nice and handy these days. Good software selection too.

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    You can probably still buy in eBay a Treo750 which is great for text or email and uses the wonderful old PalmOS and its desktop. You might also look into the blackberry 9930 just out on Sprint.
    That'sssssssss all folks!

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