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    Tips for buying a used i500

    ... first, I'd say don't. If you can get it for $450, go that route -- buying a used i500 is just very risky!

    But, if like me, you like saving money and have time to correct problems that may arise, you may find buying a used i500 an attractive option. If so:
    [list=1][*]Make sure the phone comes with everything you'll need. A lot of the sellers on eBay only offer the phone. A cradle and extra batteries will cost extra money plus time, shipping, and their own buyer's risks.[*]Get the seller to post a picture of the phone's system history (dial ##RUN on the number pad and hit "OK"). You want to know how old the phone is and maybe whether it's reconditioned or not.[*]Make sure both the screen and Graffiti pad are fully functional and unscratched! These are the most vulnerable parts of the phone, and many buyers adopt a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about the condition of these critical elements.[*]Do all the regular homework you'd normally do, e.g. make sure the seller has a good reputation, etc. I personally prefer individual sellers on eBay for bigger-ticket items, though if you're not careful they are hard to distinguish from scammers.[*]Get a no-DOA promise from the seller or better return policy (for things like unacceptable screen condition, etc.).[/list=1]
    If, like me, you end up with problems on your phone, hope is not lost. Obviously you can try negotiating with the seller, but if that fails, or if you want to resolve things on your own, head to your nearest Sprint store and ask to have the problem fixed. There's a good chance at any given store that the person there will simply decide to order you a new (reconditioned) phone. To do this well you'll have to "forum shop" -- I lucked out and found a sympathetic person on my second try. (The first person said that "Scratches aren't covered; try a screen protector on the Graffiti pad").

    If you don't get software as part of your package, you should download and install them in this order:[list=1][*]Samsung USB drivers[*]Palm Desktop 4.1 (not the most recent version)[*]Chapura PocketMirror if desired[/list=1]
    Links to all of these should be in the FAQs to this forum.

    Anyway, hope this helps someone... I spent a lot of time on this phone, and probably paid way too much, but now that I have it, I'm glad I bought it! It's certainly better than my god-awful VisorPhone!

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    Its kind of funny that this topic came about when I'm selling my phone on ebay. I have a little bit to say on this, since this is my second i500 i'm selling online.

    Padmewan, I think your advice is very valuable, as alot of people purchase phones on ebay, and end up with damaged compontents in CRUCIAL areas of the phone.

    Grafitti pad, LCD screen, and the port on the bottom of the phone with the copper contacts.

    Alot of novices try to jam this PDA on the HotSync cradle, rather than gently rocking the phone back (didn't read the manual, etc). If the port is damaged-you may not be able to charge, hotsync, or use it as a modem.

    The value is slightly decreased on mine since it doesn't have an extra battery (but it does come with an extended 5-hour battery).

    I don't think its reasonalbe to post the full ESN online because the last auction I had, someone tried to do an ESN swap to "see if it would work." They didn't even win the auction. I've never seen an ebay auction with ##RUN Pics, but i'm happy to say that my phone is not reconditioned, and is WK19.

    I've been on these boards since January '02, I have a major interest in the iXXX series of CDMA phones - Seller reputations on Ebay can be easily slandered. People leave negative feedback because they don't get refunds within 3 days of their requests, etc. It's not fair to people like me who try to offer the best level of "CS" to ebayers, but some perople are quick to click that (-) button. Oh well, anyways, heres the link:


    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I just got a Treo 650. I should have a pretty new i500 on eBay pretty soon. Sad to give up my 500. I was one of the first to purchase it.

    The 650 just has so many more bells and whistles. Bluetooth being the best.

    Another way you can check how much an i500 is used, is ask the seller to do "##786<ok>" on their phone. This tells them how many hours the phone has been used and whether it is reconditioned or not.

    As an example, my current i500 (replacement that I got a few months ago) has about 97 hours on it.

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    My phone sold for about $270 on ebay.. not bad. They'll be happy with what they get, mine is almost brand new.

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    When I bought my i330 off EBay, the seller gave me the ESN so I could confirm it wasn't stolen or anything like that. I think it's a reasonable precaution.

    The big thing to consider is whether or not you'll be able to get Sprint's equipment replacement plan with the phone if you get it off EBay. I don't know what their policy is on that, but it's something to check out.

    I got my (brand new, not refurbed) i500 yesterday by taking my broken i330 to a Sprint store and asking for a replacement. Having the insurance is a good thing!

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