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    I've been living with the sprint 700p for a few weeks now, and am happy with the switch. Not thrilled. I'll switch to a smaller smartphone in a heartbeat. But other than form factor, I do like these things about the 700p over the i500: bluetooth, larger screen, evdo, great audio quality, SD card. I'm content with the keyboard vs graffitti, although I did put on a handwriting reco program. I gave up on belt clips and went back to carrying the 700p in my pocket... with a screen protector, of course.

    What has impressed me the most is the audio quality for music and internet radio, using a good set of headphones (Ultimate Ear Pro) and a headset jack adapter. I found the sound to be be superior to the ipod 5G and nano.

    So, I'm done with my i500. It was a great phone, and I will miss the small size. I'm going to be selling off my i500 gear, but before I list it somewhere else, if anyone is interested, email me at temp at alpern.net . I have two cradles and chargers, car charger, travel sync cable, two thin batteries, one thick battery, extra styluses, original case... all samsung equipment. I will also sell the phone. The outside is a little scratched up from pocket carry, but it works great. I had a screen protector on the whole time, so the screen is perfect. Non smoker.

    Admin: if I'm not supposed to be offering stuff here, let me know and I'll edit.
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    Sad, sad... With RAZR, they'd think that a flip PDA phone would do well...

    i have great faith in fools -- self confidence my friends call it. -- edgar allan poe

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    Quote Originally Posted by kboy
    Sad, sad... With RAZR, they'd think that a flip PDA phone would do well...

    Yup, and so many useless variations.

    That'sssssssss all folks!

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