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    Remove your number and username from i500


    After some good times with this phone I moved to a Treo 650. I just couldn't take the lack of text messaging anymore. Hope they make another phone like this in the future. This thing is as small as a razor and a full Palm PDA.

    I'm posting my phone on ebay but noticed my number is still on it? Does anyonw know how to remove your number?

    I've reset it before, and have let the phone with without batteries for months - it's still there. Thanks!

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    Good home for i500

    I just lost my i500 and the folks that do the replacements for Sprint have started switching folks over to Treo 650s. It seems like the last time I had my phone replace there was a key combination that you held down while doing a hard reboot of the phone to get back to the"factory settings". Sorry but I don't recall the actual combo.

    On the other hand, if you're wanting to sell your i500, I'm sure we could find an arrangement so that it wouldn't be an issue for you. Otherwise, I'd appreciate your thought on switching over to the 650.


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