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    Since I couldn't do nothing...

    I just realized that I love my SPH-I500 form factor (and Palm-factor) and just could not bear to upgrade it (most likely to Treo 700p if I ever did).

    Since it seems like PalmSource has alienated all other 3rd party PDA phone maker and left Palm as the ONLY PalmOS PDA phone maker, I just had to beg Palm.

    This is the post I created in the Help Forum at Palm, urging it to come up with something!


    I feel a tad bit better. :p

    i have great faith in fools -- self confidence my friends call it. -- edgar allan poe

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    I Feel Your Pain

    But as the ONLY Palm pda phone maker now, what incentive do they have to ever change from the treo form factor? Palm addicts buy palm phones. I know, because I am one. They are the Mac of the pda world and they know it. Fortunately for them, Microsoft is the competition, and we know what that means- year after year of buggy, underperforming crap.

    The ONLY thing that might spur them to action is massive numbers jumping ship to a new, slick, sexy, thin, full-functioning pda phone on a windows platform that works. But by then it would probably be too late. Acually, they had that with Blackberry, and how did they respond? By making an imitation blackberry!

    You'd think the wild popularity of the razor and immitators would clue them in.

    Still, I'll join your thread over there in hopes someone listens.



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    In any case, nicely put: Hear, Hear for Hong

    That'sssssssss all folks!

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