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    Keypad light problem

    I purchased an I500 over Ebay several days ago (my I500 died from abuse) and have had a problem with the battery discharging over night. At first, I thought the battery needed a good overnight charge, but the problem persisted. Last night I noticed that the keyboard light would not go off when the clamshell was closed. It looks like the screen is off, but I am not completely sure (Can the screen go dim but still remain on?)

    Went to Preferences and turned Keypad light Off and Backlight to 30 seconds. Then changed Auto-off After in General to 30 seconds. None of this seems to work. On my old I500, if the clamshell was closing, at a specific angle the keypad and screen lights would go out; not so on this unit. I even upgraded to the XG23 firmware thinking this was the problem (it had the WF30 version) still no luck. Any help would be appreciated

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    Sorry not good ideas here; sounds like a mechanical switch or also some s/w issues. Maybe it comes from being too close to the sun, Daedalus??

    That'sssssssss all folks!

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