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    Unhappy phone powers off

    I love my I500 but recently it's developed a glitch...the way it started was it would sometimes "reboot" (powering off and back on) when I closed the phone. At first, it might only happen once every couple of weeks, but it's getting progressively worse. Earlier this week, it happened at least 3 times in one day. It's also started doing it with the phone closed, when I'm just carrying it in my pocket.

    A couple of times it has also locked up, where the screen was flashing very dimly. None of the keys helped, and I was forced to remove the battery. When it powered back up, the flashing screen was gone, but so was all my data.

    Anybody had a problem like this? I don't know anything about the inner workings of cell phones, but I'm concerned my phone is dying.

    I haven't tried talking to Sprint, but any help you can give would be much appreciated!

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    Try resetting the phone. It's not the same as removing and replacing the battery. I had a recent problem with syncing that removing the battery numerous times didn't resolve, but resetting the phone fixed.

    To reset, use the reset tool in your stylus and push the reset button in the little hole to the left of the right plastic pad below the # key. You won't lose any data.
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    Sounds like it has developed some form of internal intermittent short or open circuit (flakey connection) you're diddling mechanically. Unfortunately that is a hardware issue -- if you're handy with electronics, you could open it up and try to isolate the flakey connection. Otherwise I'd guess you're going to be looking for a replacement of some sort...

    I'd also guess that some of us here have spare i500's that we might consider letting go... (maybe even me )...

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