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    I550... 4th quarter says my Samsung rep...

    FYI: Part of this is posted in the I600 forum, for the info on it.


    Just got back from work at a major retailer who sells wireless phones... seems an interesting thing happened to me today.

    Our Sprint rep came in today and verified that Sprint would be bringing the I600 on board. Of course if a date was known, I couldn't be told because of the NDA's... which made me ask myself how even mentioning the I600 was not breaking the NDA. I took the info with a grain of salt since I had never met this rep before. So I chalked it up to Sprint wanting the I600.

    Anyway... less than two hours later, the Samsung rep came in and while I tried to pry him for some info on the I550 which I salivate over daily, he casually mentioned that Sprint was getting the I600.

    He also confirmed that I was rightly salivating, all he would tell me was to look for it late in the 4th quarter of this year. My guess from what he said, would be first part of December, so put me in the pool for 12/6/04.

    He also says that descriptions of it being like the transition from A400 to A460 is correct. He did say that the 500 and 550 are the same size except for the 550 being slimmer.

    We talked about the new "virtual" grafitti area, but said he thinks no one will use it because using OS 5.2.1 it will do transcription/recognition of handwriting.

    I told him I had one last question about the 550 and had to mean it since he was supposed to be talking to me about the A680... so I asked about the speakerphone and mentioned the presence of a spot in the phone for one. He said that it was up in the air, because they weren't sure that Sprint would let them put one in.

    Now that made no sense to me... but I I guess Sprint has enough pull to make them leave it out.

    He also briefly mentioned the fact that the phone had SDIO and Bluetooth would work that way. I told him what was said on here about the BT only being able to work on the PDA side. Maybe Rave can clarify again... He promised to get back to me on that one.

    Just thought I'd pass the message along...


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    Talking April 11, 2005 Looking Better All the Time

    Thanks to Sprint speak (late 4th Q 2004), my other thread, and Aprill 11, 2005, is looking better and better all the time!
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    Re: April 11, 2005 Looking Better All the Time

    Originally posted by dstrauss
    Thanks to Sprint speak (late 4th Q 2004), my other thread, and Aprill 11, 2005, is looking better and better all the time!
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