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    Editing Speed Dial on the Kyocera 7135


    First, thank you very much for a great software!

    One of the features missing from the 7135 (other then this - it is the king ! ) is editing the speed dial list quickly and efficiently.

    For example (and this is an easy one) - if you have phone numbers in cell # 1 to cell # 10 and you want to add a new number in cell #5 ... you have to move cell 5 to a different place and then add your number to cell 5.

    It is harder if you need to add 2 numbers and you want to "push" the list dow. Then you need to do a lot of maneuvers to do it.

    Can you add a "drag and drop" capability, so editing / moving cells would be MUCH easier?

    Machek [ a proud TAKEphONE user ... ]

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    Well - this is on my "todo" list, but I must confess - it will wait until the next major release...

    Right now you can only move existing cells up/down in the list.
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE for PalmOS

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