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    Favorites for TAKEphONE ?

    Hi. Would it be possible to define favorites on the TAKEphONE
    speed dial screen to make it work just like the Treo 600?
    (e.g. for older Treo's without the favorites screen).

    "The big change in the Treo 600 is the addition of a favorites screen. This is speed dial on steroids. Handspring has kept the similar speed dial look, but now applications, phone numbers, websites, or even text messages can be defined. 50 favorite slots are available, and each favorite can be mapped to a number or letter key so that when held down in the home screen that favorite is executed. Favorites is useful and quick new feature for the Treo 600. "

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    I do plan on doing this, but only on the next major release (no dispair - I am about to release the current version soon, so this will enter beta next)
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE for PalmOS

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