(1) Create a folder for each address on your hiptop. (2) On the hiptop, create a new account, untick `collect e-mail from this account,' leave POP server, username, and password blank, fill in from/reply-to info, then click done. (If you get an error saying you need to fill in POP info, delete the account and start over.) (3) Write procmail recipes to forward whatever mail you're interested in to your device to the address folder#user@tmail.com where folder is the destination folder on your hiptop, and user is your T-Mobile username.

As a data point, here is what I do.

:0 f
| formail -I "X-Forward-To-Hiptop: yes"
:0 f
* ^From: BBC.*<dailyemail@bbc.co.uk>
| formail -I "X-Forward-To-Hiptop: no"

* ^TOsac@cheesecake.org
    :0 c
    * ^X-Forward-To-Hiptop: yes


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