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    MOVED - Where Is A Good Mobile News Site -US

    Why move this thread?

    Where do you move threads to?

    Who decides?

    Is there published criteria?

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    Threads such as this one, which are not Touch specific, are moved to the appropriate location. This is particularly true if we determine that a specific thread can benefit a wider audience than the forum in which it originated. Personally I don't move a thread unless it's abundantly clear that it would meet this criteria.

    There is no single person who decides whether to move a thread or not. I am the most active mod in the Touch forum, therefore if a thread was moved from there, then it was probably moved by me, but that's not always the case.

    One thing to note, is that even after a thread's been moved, a redirect link remains in the forum in which it originated.

    Hope that helps!
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