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Thread: GPSGate Thread

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    GPSGate Thread

    I'm trying to figure out why the thread on Franson's GPSGate (http://www.smartphoneforums.com/foru...-recorder.html) is in the mall. It seems like it's just a sofware discussion. I put in a link to the company's website, but other than that nothing is being sold. It just seems odd. - sheureka
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    hello sheureka,

    any software/hardware thats for sale should be in the mall section. users stroll the mall section looking for products and thats why the section is there. someone who uses another device may find this program/hardware something they would want to use and if they do not frequent your forum where this product was posted, they may never know about it.

    feel free to open up a discussion about how great (or not) the program works with your device of choice in your forum of choice. i apologize if its "odd" to you but as i said by all means open up a discussion or even a review about it in your phones' forum.

    this is just an attempt to keep the forums utilized, thats all. nothing personal is meant. if you subscribe to a thread that interests you, you will never lose it if its merged, moved, what have you.

    i appreciate your understanding.

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