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    $&^%ing annoying singing sidebar ad!

    OK, I have had this forum as a tab in the background for a year, to keep up on the latest info on my phone. Lately I have been killing it completely, whenever a certain ad comes on in the sidebar. The offending ad seems to be LeepFrog.tv, which will pop up while the tab is in the background, taking over the audio of my PC with a very loud and annoying sound clip of some flavor of the month beeatch singing some song that no one will remember in 2 months.

    This is very annoying since I share an office with 3 other people, and the universal reaction every time is a resounding "WTF!?" What is it with web advertisers who think it's ok to hijack your audio with music ads, or some skank screaming "COnGraTulAtioNS! you've just won an ipod nano!!" when you forgot the speakers are turned all the way up at 1am? Good thing I don't use my PC to listen to music or anything, because that would just be really irrit...oh wait...

    I realize the mods don't have any control over the ads that appear, but isn't there a way to at least disable the audio on them without unplugging my speakers? For the time being, I've installed AdBlock Plus to kill all ads. Wow, that's really effective advertising my friend. Guarantees that I will not be seeing any other ads on this site from here on. COnGraTulAtioNS!
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