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    Thumbs down scumbag advertiser

    several times in the past few weeks while browsing the site I've gotten windows with those scummy "your PC is infected" click here so we can infect you further and then charge you to clean up out filth off your pc.

    today I got aimed to http (DOT) //secoscan (DOT) info

    are you purposely associating with such a scumy advertiser? I can't imagine you would be.

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    of course we are not. if you search thru this sub forum you will see we have had this issue before. sometimes rogue ads slip under the radar as they are rotated.

    i will alert Convergent, the site owner, about this post and your issue and he should give further info..

    thank you kindly for bringing this to our attention...

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    We use several top tier ad networks and pick the most conservative options (no pop-ups). If the ad came from here, I'd like to try and identify where it came from. If you can get a screen shot of it, that would be helpful, but more importantly if you catch what url is serving it from the status area at the bottom of your browser. We will see if anyone else runs into it... I have not, and I don't use any ad blockers or pop-up blockers on my system and use several different browsers regularly on the site. It is possible that its coming from somewhere else or your system is infected. We'll see if anyone else is reporting the problem.
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