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    private message spam

    I just noticed this. I never see anything that tells me I have a new private message...

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    about your goods

    Good day,
    I am Mr Pat Williams, I have just seen your ad on the mobile pc and it fits what i have been searching for.I will like to know the last amount of the pc .i am currently not in your country,to be precise i'm in holland on a business trip and u will handle shipment of it to My base in Nigeria.I'ld like to know if you accept money order via western union auction payment(bidpay) as a method of payment.Sorry if this gets to you but if i may ask,is this your personal property? cos i dont want to involve myself with stolen properties for sale.what is the condition like? Please reply with your full name,contact address,phone number, fax and proof of ownership if any,so that i can commence payment immediately if it is still available. Please respond ASAP. Have a nice day. Pat williams.about your goods

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    check your settings in your profile. you probably have your notifications turned off

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