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    To the Moderators of the i730 Forum: Some Questions

    First, thank you for all you do to keep our forum up and running. At times, you are like uber-parents, keeping their children from running amuck, making sure that we stay focused on our tasks. I would imagine the pay isn't great

    But could you all answer a couple of questions, based (primarily) on my own ignorance?

    People post ALL kinds of stuff on this forum - from sloppychachi's ode to his i700 (very funny) to the penguin jokes in the release thread. And even I have added a few extraneous comments.

    Most of these comments from folks stay right where they are...in the forums where posted. But in a seemingly random manner, some posts are deleted, some are moved, and some are chastised.

    That is - of course - the perogative of the moderators. But could you help us better understand your role? What "rules" do you make your judgements upon? What are considered appropriate posts? What kinds of silliness or personal info is allowed? What isn't?

    I am not asking about forum guidelines, as much as how you all do your work. For me, at least, who always wants to play by the rules, I would appreciate some clarity.

    If you could keep this thread in the i730 forum at least for a while, it may help others as we begin to really do the work of this forum now that the phone is (almost) out and in our hands.

    Again, thanks for your hard work. This is not a criticism. It is meant to help us be more helpful to you in keeping this community what you want it to be. Thanks.

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    fi you have any issues with any threads or the site, they are best posted in the site issues forum, which is where this thread was moved to. please do not disciss any issues or problems with posts, etc in the fourms.. post here.

    in a perfect world, threads should stay on topic.. but they dont. if you see any threads that may slip in to the cracks, then please let a mode know and they will take care of it if it doesnt belong in the thread. we should all try to keep the threads on topic..but we dont.. and thats why there are mods in the forums...

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    The moderators are volunteers and try their best to maintain a good balance between being too harsh, and too easy. PDAPhoneHome tries to maintain a more professional tone than you will see any many other forums. We try to nip bashing of people, or products, just for the sake of bashing. We try to not let people dump on new people that don't know all the latest or greatest, or ask a question that is repeated. At the same time, we don recongnize that there is an entertainment element here as well, and so we don't want to be too harsh and not let people have some good natured fun. The rules are posted under the "house rules" link on the drop down menu. As Marc said, if you see something that looks like it ran amuck, drop a mod (or Marc or I) and PM and we'll look into it.
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