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    You want people to search but you make them wait thirty seconds between Searches

    Yes I agree it is very IMPORTANT to read before posting, but when you must wait thirty seconds to change your search string I can see why people just post a question. I for Instance am having a problem with activesync both 3.8 and 4.0 if I mistakenly do an XP Pro restart with the 1730 in the cradle upon restart I get the Items have not been sync'd before menu ie.(1) Combine Items (2) Replace items on Device (3) Relace Items on desktop. I did a search string to find if this had been posted NO RESULTS changed search string WAIT 30 SECONDS NO RESULTS. I love This Site but you Mods have got to realise that a lot of people are posting questions because they are frustrated not because they are not reading IMHO. BTW I have on my asbestos Underware so let the flaming begin.
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    that 30 second rule is annoying, but every forum i visit has a delay like that. Maybe its the load on the servers, or bandwidth issues?

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    Apologies for the search wait but we were having some problems with the entire site going down. So its better to hold up 30 seconds than loose the entire site for hours.

    You could try this as well go to
    In the search type <your search here>

    I understand the frustration but please do try and search before opening a new topic. Otherwise, when other users come, all they will see is a bunch of threads with the same topics and they will get frustrated as well.

    It sounds like you did the standard debug of uninstalling, and re-installing, deleting partnerships, etc? What services are you syncing? If you remove all services, and add them one by one, do some of them complete after reboot without asking to combine? Why is it a problem to combine?
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    Any possibility of you creating a dedicated i730 forum site? That would allow for better oganization so you can browse threads in a certain category like Software. That way you wouldn't have to look thruogh 8 pages of a single software thread for the i730.

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    30 seconds is a very short time to wait between searches. Once people learn the best way to search, it should take you longer than 30 seconds to get through the results, which means you should never see the 30 second warning messages. Even us Mods see the 30 second warning, so it's not just you. By having a 30 second delay we can prevent overload on the server. This also keeps the search process quick and keeps the server loading pages at a good pace.

    We won't create a specific site for the i730, as this forum is already here, and this type of format is proven to work very well. One of the reasons that the forums are organized like they are, is that many questions that are asked are not specific to a particular device. This is also the reason that many threads are moved to the general areas. As I mentioned in the README BEFORE POSTING, I suggest you limit your search to the i730 fourm, then if you can't find your answer, broaden the search to the whole PocketPC forum, or the whole site. You might find helpful information that has already been answered and discussed in detail.

    Also you need to remember that this device is very hot right now, but in 6 months this device is going to be old news (at least until the WM5 release). In fact I can already tell the traffic is falling off on the i730 forum. It used to be that if you didn't come read the threads at least three or four times a day, you would have multiple pages of unread posts, and now, you can go a whole day, and barely have a full page.

    Since this issue will not be changing any time soon, I am going to close this thread. If you have any other problems with the site, or suggestions, send them directly to the mods of that forum, or drop those suggestions in the Site Problems or Suggestions forum.
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    I will try to back the search limit off and see how it goes. We had a big server performance problem and I had rolled this up to try and cut back the load. Most large forums do have limits of this type on searching to prevent someone bringing the site down by attacking with search. As Michael said, creating a site just for one device isn't a good way to go because you lose the benefit of all the knowledge that is already here. Much of the information about a device, isn't unique to that device. Often it is OS specific, so a lot of the history here is applicable to newer devices.
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