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    FAQ's and Stickys

    You know, I hate to sound like an old man or something here, but back in my day we READ the FAQ's and the Sticky's before we posted questions on the forum. In fact, we also used the SEARCH box quite often to find answers to our questions. Why is it that more and more people refuse to do these things. Everyone wants every and all information handed to them on a platter. Sometimes you have to get off your ass and look for things. The easy way out is not the answer for everything people. I use to think guys like Ehud were a litttle harsh in some of their replies. I now know that they really are not. They are just sick of idiots and lazy people. I don't condone being mean or rude to some of these posters that start these threads, but come on man! I appologize for wasting people's time that took the time to read this that don't understand what I'm talking about. I will now get off my soapbox.
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    Keep in mind that for every person that doesn't read the FAQ or use the search option, there are many that do. I've been lurking here for months and all of my questions have been answered using the FAQ and search.

    So don't despair! A lot of people are doing the right thing.


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    It is a fine line to discourage people posting the same questions over and over, vs. catering to new people that don't really know how to work with forums. You'd be surprised some of the emails and PMs that I get. People come in here and treat us like we are their tech support organization for the carrier. I can prove it, but I suspect that tech support folks at some of the carriers actually refer their customers here, and that probably helps set the stage for them to view us that way. I've had people send me direct emails demainding an answer to some question, or for me to actually send them stuff. Amazing.
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