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    Verizon XV6700 - New Forum Topic Under PocketPC

    I would like to request a new forum thread under "Pocket PC pdaPhones" for the new release of the Verizon XV6700.

    I have read the previous post regarding the reluctance to do this because the Sprint PPC-6700 is the same device - I would agree with this for the most part except VZ has implemented restrictions on the device that differ from Sprint that warrant discussion (Wifi / DUN / ?).

    To make the forums more effective for those VZ customers, it would be easier to search for carrier specific information instead of reading about features that are potentially not supported on their device based on information for other carriers.

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    This is no different than all the other devices that have subtle differences from carrier to carrier. I believe it would be confusing, and very redundant to do this. What you are looking for could be handled in the FAQ.
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