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    Moderator please consider making polls viewable by non voters

    I'm not sure if it's an option or can be fixed or it's just me, but if I want to just view a poll nothing comes up. So in the interest of seeing the poll results I vote randomly skewing the results because I have no opinion but I am interested in the result. It makes no sense to lock folks out.

    Sorry if this is a fluke because most BBS systems tell you that you have to vote, but this one does not and the page is just blank. Happened twice.

    I think polls will be more accurate if you allow non voters to view because I'msure I'm not the only that has done this.

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    huh? just click "View Poll Results" to the bottom and right of the poll...

    works fine for me...just did it on a thread and got the results from this poll (which i had not voted on already):

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    as Jeff points out, polls are viewable by non-voters. In the future, if you have an admin concern about the forum, please PM a mod or admin instead of starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    There is a problem right now that is causing some screens to appear blank, when in reality they are just shifted down the page. The viewing of poll results is one of them. Depending on your screen resolution, you may have to scroll down to see the results. This is a sitewide problem that effects pages which have a small amount of vertical content. We should have this fixed soon. Thanks for pointing it out. Once you reply that you've seen the reply, then I'll move this to the Site Problems forum.
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