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    I guess this forum is not for me

    hi, and welcome.
    all of this info is available thru search. kindly search the forum to locate the answers. also, kindly do not post multiple questions in one thread. it throws off the search function and makes it less useful.

    thank you for understanding.

    I apologize...I searched and did not find any answers to my questions...that is why I posted. What other reason would there be to post unless we could not find the answers.

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    don't forget to close the door on your way out.

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    I've used the search function too and I have discovered two unfortunate truths about using said function. The first is that the search function is really poor. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 3. The second and even more frustrating truth I have discovered is that when I find a post that exactly matches what I am looking for.. Invariably, when I click on the tread I read the first post and it describes exactly what I am looking for and then I hit the wall. The second post in the thread is some bonehead telling the poster he/she should have used the search function. I submit that if you are going to take the time to flame someone for not using the search function then you should take a few minutes to confirm that searching will actually provide a usable result and then you should include a link to that solution. Thereby providing everyone with a usable answer instead of a dead end thread. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut because I would rather have redundant posts than posts that only contain flames instead of solutions.

    Oh by the way, just for fun, do a search of the x6700 group for GPS and when that doesn't work do a search on global positoning system. For final irony make sure you read the one thread that you find.
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    Post a question here and I'll see what search turns up... Not trying to be a smart-a$$ here, but willing to bet I can come up with meaningful results. This forum is like many things--you only get out what you put in.


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    first off steve jay no one is picking on you. we get a few people who come on, dont really give the search engine much use, and then post a question thats been discussed many times. i assure you, your answers that YOU posted have been discussed. i didnt just close your thread just to close it... i did it to LIMIT the redundant threads that return up in the search function.

    sometimes you get a million search returns due to this. there are some tips on how to search the forum that you can smoke over. also use "" to limit your searches to particular phrases. again, read the tips to help you search...

    dont forget we have thousands of threads on this site so you can expect to see a lot of hits upon a search...

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