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    Don't like the moderation of this site...

    Don't get me wrong, I love this site for it's active helpful users. What I don't like is the impatience with similar threads. Posts are moved to existing on topic threads or entire threads are merged. This creates humongous unreadable huge threads with hundreds of posts. To me the merged ones are a major pain. I would rather do a search and pull up several similar threads than one big cumbersome one.

    I plead to the users and moderators to be more tolerant of posters....



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    Allen, I think if you'll peruse other forums that allow for such behavior, you'll find that it is almost unreadable. This is especially true if you infrequently go to the site---you'll see 3-4 threads on the front page on the same topic, which pushes other helpful threads to page 2, or 3, and may get missed. Or, someone answers one thread, but doesn't waste time on the other two that has the same question, and then the orig. poster posts---where's my help?---which keeps that post near the top..... You see where I'm going.

    Now some posters will reply with a RTFM or "Use search, buddy" or the like, but most will give a helpful little push in the right direction. The mods that take the time to link it to the correct thread are in fact really helping you---you can see the discussion that it took to get the right solution.

    Bottom line, more threads make more missed information, and more work on the people who really want to help.
    Jeremiah 29:11

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    MW your comments are appreciated.
    aflan, this is a very huge site. we have thousands upon thuosands of post and threads to try and keep track of so some type of search can go smoothly. to let people post new threads about information thats been discussed AND responded to in another thread(s) would make the search function and, ultimately, the site unuseful to others, especially new members or surfers.

    you can not please everyone and every once in a while we get a post similiar to yours. its the nature of the beast. if your thread was merged, then you should easily find it. you can subscribe to your threads and be notified when they are replied to OR if you wanted to check on it.

    nothing done on this site should be taken personally. its for the better of the site. the mods who actively help out here should be applauded for their time they VOLUNTEER on this site.

    again, take nothing personal of the actions done. i am happy to have you as a member and i hope you will continue to be a contributing member of the site.

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