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    I'm sure this topic will only have 5 minutes of exposure before being transferred to the dark lonely dungeon of mod critical posts, but I just wanted users to see the most recent example of a moderator's abuse of "power"
    6700 Bling Moved to general discussion.
    Come on mods, seriously? This is a 6700-user-only topic. I think the mods should re-evaluate their criteria for making decisions on topic placement.

    For the record, I appreciate the hard work of the mods on and for the most part believe that they do a GREAT job.

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    I agree, that's definitely 6700-specific, and moreover it was here for the longest time - why move it all of a sudden? The mods generally do a good job with moving OT stuff elsewhere, but that thread should come back here.

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    PLEASE do not express your concerns about housekeeping issues in the forums! you guys know by now that those issues should be placed here!

    that thread is a "poll" so was moved to the "poll" section. I have moved it back to the 6700 forum.

    honestly, i dont understand the issue only a select few of you have in regards to topics getting moved to different locations. things are moved in many of the forums here on a daily basis, not just the 6700 forum. you have the redirect there and all it takes is a simple click on the redirect to take you to the new location. after that, you can use RSS and/or subscribing to the thread to stay up on the replies to that post. a "poll" thread belongs in the "poll" section, period, which is why its there.

    again, i moved it back to the 6700 section just to be diplomatic about the situation, but bear in mind, threads will get moved to the best location if its neccessary.. this is a huge site, not just a one or two forum site. i implore you to search out the fourms...

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