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    Exclamation Request for a moderator or some of the veterans of this thread

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this board and not a heavy user or a developer, I do like this board and usualy get a lot of useful info, however one thing that i (and i think some other newbies on this board will agree on) hope that there is somekind of a glosary of terms and acronims that would explain some of these crazy abreviations that are constantly used here.

    Would it be possible to start a sticky thread like that? This would help us newbies out immensly!

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Google can be of help here. Just type in the acronyms and you should figure it out.
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    Are you talking about terms that are general to these kinds of forums (TIA, BTW etc.) or terminology that is specific to the PDAphone world (WM5, POS VZW CSR). To the former there a few wesites dedicated to glossaries of online terminology. Here's one www.netlingo.com
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