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    Disappearing thread

    Last week, a new thread appeared that was an ad to sell phones at unusually low prices. I replied asking if other posters had done business with this poster. First, the original post disappeared, leaving my reply hanging out there by itself. I replied again, wondering where the original post had gone. The next day the entire thread was gone. I gusess it's OK for you guys to do this, but the courtesy of a heads up would be appreciated....

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    not sure what thread you are speaking about, but it sounds like it was SPAM. when we see a thread that is SPAM, we delete it. we do not notify members of this. members are not encouraged to reply or contact any posts that look to be spam. if anything, report the link to the mods here and we will take a look at the thread. if i saw an ad that "sell phones at unusually low prices" then you can almost be certain is spam on this forum. only the MALL and Garage section is where any for sale ads can be posted.

    if you feel you must inquire about an ad you see on this site, PM the OP or send him/her an email.

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