PDAPhoneHome began in November 2002 from discussion in preceeding months on another forum about the need for an FAQ for the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (XDA). The founder, Mike Collins, decided to build a site that would not have a limited life of one device, and strived to set the site apart in the busy internet world of PDAs and phones. The initial principals were to create a site that ALL device owners and enthusiasts would be welcome to participate in. So many sites are unfriendly to those that have a different device, so there was no place to go to compare and contrast the many different choices for a PDAPhone.

Initially the site was build using phpBB, a popular PHP/MySQL based forum script that runs on Linux. In order to make the site easier to use, there were custom pages developed to provide easy access to FAQs for users that aren't familiar with forums. Over time the site grew to need a more robust platform, and the search began for a new base. During this same timeframe, a decision was reached to acquire and merge SmartPhoneForums (July 2003). Since SPF was already running on vBulletin, that is the platform that PDAPhoneHome moved to. Later that year (December 2003), an aquisition of SmartPhoneSource was completed, bring together three of the pioneering sites focused solely on the PDAPhone.