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  1. Sony Ericsson P800 FAQ
  2. FAQ's for P900 from Sony Ericson Site
  3. FAQ's for P800 from Sony Ericson Site
  4. How does the P800 compare to other pdaPhones?
  5. Where can I buy a P800?
  6. How do I check the firmware version of the P800?
  7. Where can I get a case for the P800?
  8. Where can I get screen protectors for the P800?
  9. What formats does the P800 allow for ringtones and alerts?
  10. Can I use pictures to identify callers with the P800?
  11. What handsfree options does the P800 provide?
  12. Does the P800 support voice dialing?
  13. How do I find the hidden network lock menu?
  14. How do I use my P800 as a wireless modem with my Mac?
  15. Where can I find the P800 User's Guide?
  16. What does the P800 look like inside?
  17. How can I do IRC with the P800?
  18. What is GPRS, 3G, TDMA, EDGE, CMDA, MMS, etc.?
  19. How do I check my data speed?
  20. How do I convert .ASF & .WMF files to .MP4 for the P800?
  21. Will Personal Java apps (not J2ME) that need keyboard work?
  22. How do I close programs on the P800?
  23. What do the flashing lights mean on the P800?
  24. How do I change the default ringtone?
  25. Where can I find polyphonic/midi ringtones?
  26. How much memory does the P800 have?
  27. How do I determine GPRS settings for a P800?
  28. How do I access the P800 Service Menu?
  29. How do I connect to a DSL connection with Bluetooth on P800?
  30. ABOUT the Sony Ericsson P800 FAQ ... follow this link
  31. Where can I get accessories for the P800?

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