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  8. Any way to turn off auto-off?
  9. How do I modify logo?
  10. Can you use the i300 with an 802.11b network?
  11. How do you HotSynck with Palm Desktop??
  12. What is the default password for an i300?
  13. Can the Ir port on the I300 be used as a modem port?
  14. How do you set up a different network provider on your i300?
  15. Is there a keyboard available for the i300?
  16. How do I HotSync my I300 if I haven't activated with Sprint yet?
  17. Can I download ringers to use on my I300?
  18. Is the I300 only available with Sprint PCS?
  19. How do I set the speakerphone volume?
  20. Can I get vibrating or LED alarms for datebook events?
  21. How do I sync with my laptops USB port?
  22. Can I upgrade the version of Palm OS on the i300?
  23. Can the Graffiti area be hidden to make more screen space available to applications?
  24. Can I upgrade the memory on the i300?
  25. Can I play MP3s on the i300?
  26. Does the i300 work with Macintosh?
  27. How do I adjust the contrast of the screen?
  28. How do you turn on the backlight for the top LCD Display?

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