View Full Version : Samsung SPH-i330 FAQ

  1. I want Samsung i330 Ringtones Will Pay $15
  2. Please help!!!! How do i get my internet to work on this phone???? Samsung i330
  3. I need help with out software.
  4. unlock I330
  5. new ISP programming
  6. Hotsync help..
  7. Custom Ringtones
  8. Is the OS upgradeable on the I330?
  9. Special Phone Numbers in Phone Settings
  10. Locking the keypad.
  11. Where can I find the i330 User Manual?
  12. i330 IR HotSync
  13. Yes, the I330 can act as a wireless modem for your computer.
  14. HotSync over the Internet
  15. How do I use AOL or AIM with the i330?
  16. Where can I get accessories for the i330?
  17. How can I change the Graffiti skin on my i330?
  18. What i300 accessories work with i330?
  19. Reviews
  20. Discussion Forums
  22. Related Links
  23. ABOUT the Samsung i330 FAQ ... follow this link

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