View Full Version : Kyocera 7135 FAQ

  1. Kyocera 7135 FAQ
  2. How do I invert the 7135 screen?
  3. Setting up and Optimizing the 7135
  4. Will an SD wifi card work in the 7135?
  5. list of faq
  6. How to Restore the 1x display when migrating from Alltel to VZ
  7. Extend Distance of Infra red usage
  8. Does the 7135 have a touch screen?
  9. What does changing the banner do?
  10. Fatal ERROR ! ??? what is THIS?
  11. How can I create a voice-memo without using the stylus?
  12. How do I speed up Express Network on my 7135?
  13. How do I reduce the key press delay when dialing a phone #?
  14. Can I customize the SMS Message beep with an MP3?
  15. What are the different data connection types from Verizon?
  16. How do I migrate from a Treo to the 7135?
  17. How do I setup the 7135 as a wireless modem for my PC?
  18. How does the 7135 backlight button work?
  19. How do I change the carrier logo in the 7135?
  20. Is there a better stylus available for the 7135?
  21. Can I overclock my 7135?
  22. Why can't I get my SD card to work on the 7135?
  23. How do I encrypt files on my SD card?
  24. How do you create a voice memo on the 7135?
  25. What are the requirements for a network connection?
  26. How do I add a new service to network preferences?
  27. Is there a minute counter for the 7135?
  28. Where do I find PhotoView?
  29. How do I reprogram the side buttons of the 7135?
  30. How do I setup a Verizon QNC (2G) data connection?
  31. How do I setup a Verizon Express Network 3G Connection?
  32. What is GPRS, 3G, TDMA, EDGE, CDMA, MMS, etc.?
  33. How do I check my data speed?
  34. How do I activate the 7135 with Verizon?
  35. Can I enable the speakerphone before making a call?
  36. Can I use the 7135 keypad to enter data in applications?
  37. What does the 7135 LED mean when it's flashing?
  38. How do I use the 7135 with MP3s?
  39. Why am I only getting 40-60kbps for data?
  40. What is 1xRTT?
  41. What are my data choices with the 7135?
  42. Will the 7135 work on non-1xRTT networks (i.e. analog)?
  43. Can I limit the use of the 7135'2 GPS to 911 emergencies?
  44. What is the GPS on the 7135 used for?
  45. What's "Edit Auto Text" in my messages application?
  46. Where do I change messaging alerts and voicemail settings?
  47. Can I use the 7135 with a non-CDMA carrier (GSM/GPRS)?
  48. If I do a hard reset with a 7135, what will Hotsync restore?
  49. Can I move my stuff from one 7135 to another with Hotsync?
  50. How do I check the firmware version of the 7135?
  51. Does the 7135 keypad and Graffiti area have a backlight?
  52. Is the expansion slot SDIO or memory only?
  53. How do I create MP3 ringtones for the 7135?
  54. How do I properly use the 7135 holster?
  55. How is the 7135's battery usage, and how can I help it?
  56. How do you do one-touch voice memos with the 7135?
  57. What are the data capabilities of the 7135?
  58. What 6035 accessories will work with the 7135?

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