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  1. How do I set up MMS / GPRS on my smartphone?
  2. Wikipedia on my Smartphone
  3. Help Me!
  4. messenger for Kyocera 7135 smartphone
  5. How do I use the Smartphone as a wireless modem for my PC?
  6. Where can I find freeware for the Smartphone?
  7. How do I create my own themes?
  8. How do I update the firmware in the Orange SPV?
  9. How do I easily delete SMS messages on the Smartphone?
  10. Where can I find ring tones for the Smartphone?
  11. How do I create my own Smartphone skin?
  12. Where can I find Smartphone Skins?
  13. Where can I get accessories for my Smartphone?
  14. How do I unlock the Smartphone to load any software?
  15. Where can I get a case for my SmartPhone?
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  17. Related Links
  18. Reviews
  19. ABOUT the Microsoft Smartphone FAQ ... follow this link

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