View Full Version : Pocket PC FAQ

  1. verizon text
  2. How to delete the games belong to windows mobile system?
  3. o2 Xda Exec Sync with outlook and lost folders ?
  4. How can I block incoming calls by caller ID
  5. Windows Media Player 10
  6. Send/Receive in Pocket Outlook
  7. remove duplicate contact entries?
  8. How do I keep my emails on my POP3 server after Pocket PC sync?
  9. Imate PDA2K
  10. PPC 2003 Upgrades
  11. Compaq Pocket PC Browser Issues
  12. Installing ringtones from .wav and other audio files
  13. Terminal Services Non Standard Port
  14. Attachments? Supported or not?
  15. Pocket internet explorer question
  16. Removing icons from Programs
  17. 128mb SD Memory Card
  18. AIM program for i700
  19. How do I decide between Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion?
  20. Why does my Pocket PC Phone shut off the PDA features during a call?
  21. SD Card Format Settings - FYI
  22. Cisco and pocket pc
  23. What are Voice Privacy Notifications?
  24. How do I encode DivX for PocketPC?
  25. More on running programmes from SD card
  26. Sharing Outlook
  27. Software
  28. Can you actually run programs from the SD card?
  29. Is there a way to change the graphic card of an O2 ?
  30. What pdaPhone does Barbie use?
  31. How do I use Pocket PC e-mail with an Exchange Server?
  32. Where can I get software for my PDAPhone?
  33. How do I migrate my data from a Palm to Pocket PC?
  34. My Media Player isn't working correctly, what do I do?
  35. I'm having problems with ActiveSync, where can I get help?
  36. Where can I find a Free ISP for dialed access?
  37. What is GPRS, 3G, TDMA, EDGE, CMDA, MMS, etc.?
  38. Why doesn't my email get deleted from the server
  39. What do I need to check before I do my first Hard Reset?
  40. How can I capture the screen of my PPC PE?
  41. Can I wirelessly recieve eBooks via email or by download?
  42. Why can't I add a new account in Pocket Outlook?
  43. How do I add an icon to a program?
  44. Can I watch a movie on the Phone Edition?
  45. How can I print from my Phone Edition?
  46. How do I get full emails instead of headers?
  47. What's the fastest way to dial a Speed Dial number?
  48. How can I record a phone call with the Phone Edition?
  49. Can I run Pocket PC Phone Edition on my iPaq?
  50. What can I do to make alarms work better?
  51. Is there a macro program available to automate things?
  52. Can I speed up the processor on my Pocket PC Phone Edition?
  53. Is there terminal emulation software available?
  54. Where are my carrier's towers located?
  55. What are some games that work well with the Phone Edition?
  56. How do I remove a POP3 account from Pocket Outlook Inbox?
  57. How do I use Phone Edition with AOL or AIM?
  58. What is Nakka's nPOP?
  59. Is it safe to by a phone from a 3rd party like Amazon.com?
  60. What portal sites are good to use with my phone?
  61. Is there a way to check my connection speed?
  62. How do I send/receive POP3 email with my Phone Edition?
  63. How do I use the Phone Edition with Yahoo?
  64. How can I use the Phone Edition with Hotmail?
  65. How do I use the Phone Edition with MSN?
  66. How do I add a new theme?
  67. What task launchers will work with the Phone Edition?
  68. What software will take advantage of the phone features?
  69. Can I reprogram the buttons to do more things?
  70. How do I send a fax with my Phone Edition?
  71. Is there a better browser than Pocket Internet Explorer?
  72. Are there any screen protectors I can use with my phone?
  73. Where can I get accessories for my phone?
  74. Are there any CDMA PocketPC Phone Editions available?
  75. How do I do voice dialing?
  76. Is there a way to skin the phone dialer program?
  77. Where can I get custom ring tones?
  78. How do I add custom ring tones?

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