View Full Version : Treo 600 FAQ

  1. How do I get MP3 playback to go through the standard earbud?
  2. What happens to an incoming voice call when I'm using Treo 600 data features?
  3. What type of expansion slot doe the Treo 600 have?
  4. What type of camera does the Treo 600 have?
  5. Can I transfer pictures to and from the Treo 600 and my computer?
  6. What type of screen does the Treo 600 have?
  7. What type of battery does the Treo 600 have, and is it removable?
  8. What accessories from the Treo 180/270/300 are NOT compatible with the Treo 600?
  9. What is the battery life of the Treo 600?
  10. If the Treo 600 battery dies, will I lose anything?
  11. How long does it take to recharge the Treo 600?
  12. How do I enter a new home city?
  13. How do I display wallpaper on my Treo 600?
  14. Can I use the Treo 600 as a wireless modem for my laptop?
  15. How does the Treo 600 compare in size to other pdaPhones?
  16. How can I turn the screen completely off in a call?
  17. The Treo 600 box says it has a GPS chip. Can I use it as a GPS receiver?
  18. Can I use my beloved webclippings on the Treo 600?
  19. Treo 600 FAQ
  21. Discussion Forums
  22. Will the Treo 600 work with Push To Talk?
  23. If I purchase the CDMA version of the Treo 600, will it run on analog as well?
  24. My Treo has 16mb of memory. How much memory will the 600 have?
  25. Will the Treo 600 still have the jog dial?
  26. How fast is the Treo 600? Will it have the same processor?
  27. MP3 Player?
  28. The Treo 600 looks so solid. How much does it weigh?
  29. Is there a new edition of Blazer included with the Treo 600?
  30. Is the Treo 600 bluetooth enabled?
  31. Can you tell me about the camera? Does the Treo 600 have picture ID?
  32. What operating system (OS) will the Treo 600 run on?
  33. Does the Treo 600 have an expansion slot?
  34. Will the data connectors be the same on the Treo 600 as with earlier models?
  35. I missed having a voice recorder on my first Treo. Will the 600 have one?
  36. I'm concerned about battery life. How long will the battery last on the Treo 600?
  37. How has Handspring made the Treo 600 easier to use than previous models?
  38. Will I be able to type since the buttons are even closer together on the Treo 600?
  39. Why doesn't the new Treo have a flip design like the other models?
  40. I heard that Handspring may be giving a credit if I already own a Treo. Is this true?
  41. How much will the Treo 600 cost?
  42. Where can I purchase the Treo 600?
  43. When will the Treo 600 be released?

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