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  1. Which SmartPhone should I get?
  2. New Phone yet?
  3. iPhone 4S--ATT or Verizon???
  4. Which CARRIER should I go with?
  5. New android choices?
  6. Your next phone
  7. are all PDAPhones buggy?
  8. Need suggestion for my next phone :)
  9. HTC Android Vs. iPhone - Help selection
  10. Phone Battle Input, which device down to Three-ish
  11. Rules/Q's answered, need help picking among Bold, HD2, Galaxy. Extra Detail inside!
  12. New Phone Suggestions (Calendar/email)
  13. Looking for a bare-basic web browsing device
  14. First pda phone - sync with Outlook
  15. Help On Phone Decision
  16. pda phone on pre-paid system?
  17. what phone to get when i renew in december?
  18. A replacement for Trusty Palm 700 wx?
  19. Please help with PDA/Phone Selection - See Answers to ??
  20. Basic PDA Phone To Sync With Outlook via WIFI (No data plan?)
  21. Droid X Questions
  22. Need help with what new Phone & Provider!
  23. Omnia II questions... should I buy?
  24. AT&T user looking to upgrade phone but not the billing
  25. Which PDA-phone fitsthese specs?
  26. Replacement for Treo 700P
  27. Ok I admit it... I LIKE MY 6800
  28. Looking to replace my Centro
  29. Starting Over With Smart Phone
  30. Which phone syncs with Outlook?
  31. Need to replace my Kyocera 7135
  32. connect button camera and stream to the internet
  33. need help finding a phone that does what I need
  34. which one to pick?
  35. Upgrade from a Verizon XV6700?
  36. First Smartphone Suggestions
  37. Looking for a smartphone that syncs Outlook Calendar categories with color coding!!!!
  38. Need advice on phone for games
  39. Blackberry 9700 Vs. Motorola Backflip
  40. Axim x51v or Ipaq hx (2755 or 2490b)?
  41. Ipaq HW69xx or Axim X51v with Audiovox RTM 8000D?
  42. best phone for excel files?
  43. Replacement for Sprint PPC-6800
  44. Which phone for Page Plus?
  45. new phone recommendation
  46. Folder/File Transfer to phones?
  47. Help! Choice of Smartphone VS Media Tablet
  48. Out of the loop on capabilities..Need Guidance
  49. Iphone or Droid -
  50. Which phones + plan for two internet users?
  51. is omnia for verizon too outdated?
  52. Blackberry storm vs Treo 700wx
  53. I need a PDA for wordpress blogging, should i get Blackberry?
  54. TP2 or Droid for Full price?
  55. Newbie questions; mostly data plan oriented
  56. sick of my 6800, looking for a replacement, suggestions (Verizon)
  57. Next new phone
  58. iPhone, Touch2, or Droid?
  59. What PDA to purchase and is there a PDA for my needs.
  60. Blackberry, HTC or Palm?
  61. Verizon Customer - First SmartPhone! Please help me select one.
  62. TP2 or Omnia 2 - what to upgrade from i760
  63. Time to upgrade from i760 - what next?
  64. Need help with a contract/phone
  65. HSDPA/3G in China and elsewhere
  66. Verizon 3g phone preference/question
  67. iPhone vs. Palm Pre - Please help me :)
  68. i phone, fuze, nokia surge ,lgvu? replacing stolen tilt
  69. PDA WI-FI
  70. Business User Looking For Input... Please
  71. Verison, PC Tether, prefer Windows
  72. Smartphone for Verizon Wireless
  73. PDA Phone Buying Help
  74. I want no Data Plan. Which phone?
  75. Road Warrior, Lost my tilt...no longer supported..what now?
  76. new phone
  77. What phone is for me?
  78. What phones/carriers (other than Verizon) OTA sync with Outlook?
  79. N-97
  80. BB Storm or Samsung Omnia???
  81. Touch Diamond as mobile PC?
  82. What is the best Verizon compatible phone comparable to iPhone?
  83. New phone ideas - desired features listed out
  84. Cricket Newbie Here
  85. PALM DEAD now what?
  86. Friend needs a sturdy Smart Phone
  87. Comparing Omnia, Diamond, Touch Pro
  88. Can PDA phones run palm OS applications?
  89. 6700 and thera user -- thinking of Palm
  90. On-line Phone Comparison Chart
  91. New and Looking for Help
  92. Best PDA/Smart Phone for physicians?
  93. Looking for my next phone
  94. Looking for Phone Ideas
  95. Which phone?
  96. My First Windows Mobile PDA Phone
  97. xv6800 vs. sch-i760
  98. TP or BB Curve
  99. BB Curve or HTC Touch Pro
  100. I love how no one responds
  101. Sprint Upgrade
  102. Which PDA Phone should I get ...
  103. HTC Touch Pro or Samsung Omnia
  104. TP or PRE
  105. PLEASE HELP! I'm shopping for my first pda/phone
  106. New phone for the GF
  107. Remote desktop on PDA phone
  108. Verizon Touch Pro vs Storm
  109. IT pro needs a phone!
  110. Need suggestion on new phone
  111. XV6900 upgrade to 6.1
  112. iPhone, Fuze, Touch Pro, Storm? Too many choices, and I need advice.
  113. help picking pda
  114. Which All-Screen PDA Should I Get.....?
  115. I want to drop my palm pilot w/o paying for data
  116. Samsung PDA Phones
  117. Which Verizon phones will sync with Outlook?
  118. Help me find the right pda/phone
  119. verizon upgrade w/ 2 year agreement
  120. replacing ppc6600- what to get..
  121. Hello to all!
  122. First PDA/Smartphone need recommentdations
  123. xv6900 vzw questions; vs blackberry storm, vs iphone?
  124. Undecided bewteen: Samsung Omnia i900/ Sony Xperia/ HTC HD
  125. Is there a Large .pst Contacts Synchronization Problem with all newer Pocket PC's?
  126. Replacement Phone
  127. dead i760, replace with xv6800?
  128. newbee looking for specific feature
  129. HTC Apache - xv6700
  130. Iphone 3G -vs- AT&T Tilt
  131. Touch Pro or G1?
  132. xv6700 upgrade to htc touch pro, sony experia, android, or ?
  133. Best phone to share 3G?
  134. Need to replace PPC6700
  135. Which PDA Phone ?
  136. Same ole problem - i-760 or XV6800
  137. 6800 vs. i760 which phone to get?
  138. What is my next PPC phone? i760? VX800?
  139. Completed questionnaire
  140. anyone thinking of getting the treo 800?
  141. Blackberry vs. Treo
  142. E71 or Curve 8320?
  143. Sprint replacement phone
  144. XV6800 vs SCH-i760?
  145. Need Verizon phone...
  146. Korea/korean compatible
  147. Your recommendations????
  148. Sprint PDA
  149. Which PDA to get
  150. Cheap unlocked GSM phone
  151. Verizon Phone - Email, TXT Msgs, Comfort
  152. Own a 6700 want to upgrade to 6800 or 6900, need advice
  153. New PDA Phone
  154. Need advise, survey completed!
  155. Need Verizon - Access to logmein.com or gotomypc.com
  156. Help me choose the best PDA
  157. One of the 'Good Guys'
  158. need help! Mogul SUCKS! Would Touch be better for me??
  159. Data base, sync, print labels and envelopes
  160. Help a very indesicive person pick a new phone
  161. Which Verizon Smartphone would you get -- survey completed!!
  162. Have the treo650, looking for a user-friendly phone
  163. Looking to get a new phone
  164. HELP! steep requirements here, suggestions welcomed :-)
  165. need a replacement for samsung i730
  166. Verizon Smartphone?
  167. Which PDA phone to get?
  168. which pDA phone should I get?
  169. unlocked AT&T 8925tilt or HTC tytn ii?
  170. new phone
  171. Need a phone without camera
  172. Which is the best phone to get?
  173. Buy the xv6800 or no?
  174. I need a new supersexy phone
  175. which phone should I get?
  176. Help me find a phone
  177. Looking for Sprint pda phone
  178. Looking for a smartphone
  179. HELP!!! Had a Treo WX switched to a VX6800 and hate it
  180. New Phone??
  181. Need some advice
  182. At&t Tilt vs. Verizon XV-6800
  183. Samsugn i760 Vs. Blackberry World 8830
  184. What's my next phone?
  185. PDAPhone for Gmail, web-browsing, and phone - please help! (completed questionnaire)
  186. High School Student looking for PDA phone mainly as a planner
  187. My Palm Zire 31 is dying and I want to buy a smart phone replacement
  188. Need help buying a PDA/smartphone for my girlfriend
  189. Palm ? Pocket PC ? Brand of PDA/Phone?
  190. Looking at Old SmartPhones - Which one?
  191. Help me find a Sprint PDA phone - Questionaire Complete
  192. Should I upgrade?
  193. I760 vs HTC5800 vs 8830
  194. Looking for my first PDA phone / smartphone (Completed questionnaire)
  195. What PDA shall i buy (Completed Questionnaire)
  196. Which phone to buy? Real newbie!
  197. Haven't Shopped for a New Phone Since the 6600..
  198. What PDA to get? (Completed Questionairre)
  199. Which PDAPhone To Get? (Contains Completed Questionnaire)
  200. Samsung i760 isn't working for me - please help me find something else
  201. DataSpeed/Cost | Verizon vs Sprint vs ?
  202. Buy Mogul now, or wait?
  203. To: Blackberry Pearl/World or SMT5800 From: Samsung i760
  204. as of this moment, would you tell me to get a Touch or Mogul for SPRINT?
  205. Prepaid smartphone?
  206. help with 1st smart phone
  207. Need An Upgrade
  208. Replacement for I700
  209. 6700 or 6800?
  210. Choices...choices...a sprint users dilemma.
  211. Does anybody know about Eten x800,500 and 500+
  212. Which PDA phone for remote desktop
  213. Coming back to Sprint should I??
  214. Trying to decide!
  215. Decisions, Decisions: Mogul or VZ 6800
  216. Will I be happy with the SMT5800
  217. BB Pearl, Centro, MotoQ9c?
  218. Please make suggestions for a PDA
  219. 6700 -> ??? w/ GPS
  220. 67/6800 vs i760
  221. Replacing my i500
  222. What's the best Sam i760 or xv6800 or pearl or others?
  223. What does the i760 have over the 6800?
  224. 6700 upgrade to Touch or Mogul?
  225. Scheduler/calendar phones??
  226. Best Phone that can do Remote desktop
  227. Which PDA is right for me?
  228. Any Current/Future Alternative to AT&T Tilt HTC 8595
  229. Palm software, sybian, or window mobile something??
  230. Should I Wait?
  231. who has the xv6800's back?
  232. I don't really like my Treo...
  233. BIG Screen PDA/Phone?
  234. WANTED: PDA Phone that supports receiving EMS
  235. Which phone?
  236. Seeking opinions (Altell PDAs...6800)
  237. Verizon customer - What PDA phone?
  238. ppc-6800 or 700WX or other Sprint PDA phone ?
  239. Treo 700p vs. Samsung SCH-i760
  240. Cracked Screen on my PPC-6700...Now what?
  241. I love my XV6700, but looking for suggestions for the next step up
  242. Help Mobile 5.0 activesync using cellular connect
  243. Help, what should I buy XV6800 or SCH-I760
  244. I have 4 phones to choose from, can u help me decide?
  245. Which PDA phone for me?
  246. Which PDA Is Right For Me
  247. Should I trade my i760 for the XV6800?
  248. Guess what? I have new phone fever!
  249. Seeking Advice - Answers Enclosed...
  250. Advice on pda phone

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