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  1. How to turn on backup battery in siemens sx66 pda
  2. help me
  3. Best replacement for i-mate PDA2k?
  4. SX66 Keeps Spontaneously Connecting To GPRS!
  5. Nice Skins by ppc-theme
  6. pda2k ringtone help
  7. pda2k ringtone help
  8. Don't want phone... just PDA Wi-Fi, etc. HELP
  9. Unable to use SX66 after Cingular contract
  10. I'm ready to upgrade, what's next?
  11. MDA Modem Setup Problem
  12. Sudden bluetooth problems - why?
  13. Need help with MP3Audio on my Bluetooth Headset for my Imate PDA2K
  14. how do I apply Video Ringtone?
  15. Can't take call after ROM upgrade (SX66)
  16. sx66
  17. wifi connection confusion
  18. What next - battery keeps falling out, immediately loses data
  19. New MDA 3?
  20. Having problems with messaging software - alternatives?
  21. Dash-"new email" sound won't change
  22. NEW T-Mobile GPRS & MMS Settings for SX66!
  23. Hard reset problem
  24. Vista - Windows Mobile Device Center - Change icon - picture to device photo
  25. Unlocking the SX66 Help needed
  26. #999# service code won't work on my phone!
  27. SPV M2000 Bluetooth ear piece
  28. PDA2K Broken touch screen any help
  29. Memory problems, phone locks up
  30. MDA 3 Caller ID
  31. Broken SX66
  32. XDA IIi Is not recognizing the Memory Card (Storage Card)
  33. general question T-mobile MDA ?
  34. Lotus organizer 6
  35. SX66 upgrade for WMP10
  36. MDA III - Software
  37. Just a simple question.
  38. SX66 Call and End Call Buttons go to Contacts and Calendar
  39. Activesync 4.X problem
  40. T-Mobile outgoing server???
  41. I think I have turned my SX66 into a brick! HELP!
  42. Turn Cingular SX66 to a T-Mobile phone
  43. How to change Battery back-up?
  44. Getting New MMS Server on MDA.
  45. How to remove Cingular logo from SX66 Dialer screen
  46. Extended ROM Unlock PROBLEM!!!!
  47. MDA software must-haves
  48. I cant seem to charge it? i dunno xD
  49. pda2k imate
  50. SD Cameras and GPS with SX66
  51. Please, I'm begging for help with my SX66
  52. Configure SX66 To MDA III (Cingular to T-Mobile)
  53. Question on moving data from one SX66 to another
  54. HT820 Bluetooth Headphones TOO LOUD
  55. Did anyone ever figure out Activesync via Exchange Server?
  56. blue angel(sx-66) or wizard(cingular 8125)?
  57. Problems with messaging software?
  58. new wireless router can't connect to pda
  59. how to browse the net with 4.99 t-zones GPRS wap.tmobile.com [NEW WAY]
  60. MDA /QTEK 9100 /K-JAM Potential buyer wants initial impressions
  61. Listening to music on bluetooth headset?
  62. Cheap LCD replacement
  63. What Next? Replacing my SX66
  64. New wireless router can't connect PDA
  65. Will SX66 work with T-Mobile T-Zones?
  66. which Launcher for PocketPC Phone???
  67. HDML on the SX66
  68. PDA2K & Skype
  69. how to turn off a sx66
  70. XDA Mini S Changing Sync Folder
  71. Ok i really dont know what to do...HELP!
  72. IMAP Saved Items Problem
  73. How Do I Hard Reset my Siemens SX66
  74. How to clear Recent Programs on Siemens SX66
  75. Camera To Storage Card Save Problem 4GB A-DATA
  76. Setting up text messages on qtek 9090 on Cingular network
  77. [deleted]
  78. Battery problems?
  79. WPA (Wifi encryption) support on PDA2K?
  80. PDA2k XDA III SX66 PPC6600 XV6600 LCD in stock
  81. Video playback on the PDA2K / XDA IIs (Blue Angel Platform)
  82. ActiveSync not copying extensive note collecion
  83. Looking for a Dialing Program
  84. Write to Storage Card through USB
  85. FS: Used SX66 Upgraded to WM5
  86. SX66 bluetooth hack.
  87. Qtek onCingular ..HELP ME!!
  88. a way to....
  89. Bluetooth license expired?
  90. PDA2k Going Haywire!
  91. How to disable internal speaker?
  92. Any improvements for WM5 on SX66?
  93. Codecs
  94. Loose metal clip in battery charger
  95. Messaging autocomplete and resets
  96. WA (Wisbar Advanced) and WAD - PDA hang on Soft-reset
  97. PDA2k XDA III SX66 PPC6600 XV6600 Touch Screen
  98. SX66 ROM Update Issue
  99. Cheesy People on Ebay
  100. Disassembling a PDA2K
  101. SX66 v.s. 8125
  102. Splash screens - Love em or Hate em...
  103. Good bye SX66
  104. SX66 will it allow me to listen to music on my bluetooth headset?
  105. Updates!! Radio 1.15.00 - System 1.42.00
  106. SX66 Standardization Site Lives...
  107. WM5 and Multi Media messages
  108. WMP 10 under 2003SE?
  109. New Radio 1.15.00
  110. Goin back to WM 2003se
  111. Strange wifi problem - thoughts?
  112. PDA2K will not switch on
  113. stylus suggestions?
  114. RELIABLE extended life battery for SX66
  115. off-screen while phoning
  116. Active sinc 4.1
  117. Looking for parts or whole unit pda2k
  118. PDA2K - Newbie Questions for Forum
  119. Qtek 9090 (NEW) for Sale
  120. Problem setting up connections for email
  121. ROM update goes horribly wrong !
  122. Automatically save calendar info to storage card?
  123. T-Mobile and WM5 (Windows Mobile) devices?
  124. WM5 - WIFI settings ( Wep Keys ) getting removed after a soft reset
  125. Help With My Motorola A920 Pda
  126. WiFi problems
  127. Poor Bluetooth Reception
  128. E-Mail (WiFi Only) Question
  129. Himalaya-Derived WM5 ROM: Nice!
  130. SX66 with WM5 - Inbox account is GONE when I get SMS
  131. Qtek 9090: VPN connection troubles
  132. Microsoft Voice Command Help
  133. Stereo Headset compatibility...urgent!!
  134. Questions about saving contacts and emails
  135. remote desktop client for *NIX ?
  136. BBConnect and ActiveSync
  137. 4GB SD Cards
  138. Text Messages are not showing??
  139. Sound in only one ear. HELP!
  140. Extended ROM problem
  141. Flash Player for Windows Mobile?
  142. Call forward / redirect?
  143. Bleading Edge or Stability Poll
  144. Unit keeps resetting?
  145. Volume Fix?? Please help if possible...
  146. Chaning soft keys for WM5???
  147. 02 XDA IIs: After 1 month, it's broken...how do I get it fixed?
  148. backlight problem with iMate 2K
  149. Any program to add contacts/contact info via desktop?
  150. any *good* Photo Contacts/Caller ID type apps out there?
  151. SPBPlus 3.0.4 slowness with WM5 on SX66?
  152. Help Would be GREAT!
  153. How to copy an sd card game to another sd card
  154. POCKET PC Siemens sx-66 camera problem
  155. looking for a sx66 stock stereo headset
  156. SX66 Endless Bad Issues
  157. Problem with my service
  158. bluetooth voice commands
  159. PDA2K stylus holder broken
  160. BT disconnect on power down
  161. Has anyone tried BTaudio (Redirect ALL audio to Bluetooth Headset)
  162. Cingular GPRS and WM5 settings???
  163. Any Phone issues after upgrading to WM5?
  164. If hard-reset WM5, have to redo all patches?
  165. Speaker Whine and BS
  166. In simple english - UPGRADE (NOW) to WM5.0 or Not to upgrade (Techno Addicts please)
  167. Siemens sx 66 Camera
  168. phone log
  169. A few questions about the 9090
  170. setting up a pda2k as a bluetooth gprs modem on OSX
  171. Pocket Outlook removes from Server
  172. SX66 No Sound
  173. PDA2K native Note utility will not save notes!!
  174. SX66 email / gprs issues
  175. SX66 Gone from Cingular.com
  176. SX66 Keyboard Issue
  177. Recommend a good headset for long car trip
  178. anyone using phonealarm and pocketbreeze?
  179. ActiveSync Network Connection
  180. Phone stops ringing
  182. Error 120: Country ID Error
  183. updating "built-in" Photo Contacts app
  184. Soaked SX66
  185. How to convert DVD's to view on the PPC?
  186. XDA-developers.com Down???
  187. Where can I Buy an AT&T phone with my AT&T services?
  188. Active Sync over Wifi?
  189. Where is a site to download ActiveSync 4.1?
  190. Error: This version of Microsoft Activesync is not compatible with the connected mobi
  191. Does 640 fall out of holder
  192. SX66 vs. HP iPaq HW6515
  193. Can not get into Boot loader mode - Error 211
  194. 1.42 For Cingular/SX66???
  195. Screen won't work with stylus anymore
  196. 3g Image
  197. unlock code for siemens sx66
  198. SX66 Running WM5
  199. GPRS stays connected after sync
  200. old att gprs settings
  201. XDA IIS + H820: ECHO ECHO Echo echo echo...
  202. Placing calls with my XDA IIs via my PC?
  203. Blackberry client
  204. anyone tired using the O2 Plus utility on the PDA2K?
  205. New ROM 1.42.00??
  206. K-Jam vs SX66
  207. Today Screen Calendar Display Settings?
  208. HTC Wizard from Cingular
  209. Seidio G2500M Car Kit / Mount
  210. where are we with hands free audio
  211. pda2k Arabic Support right to left
  212. Contacting Imate Tech Support ???
  213. Cingular's Cool Tools on the SX66
  214. Change of Language
  215. rattling noise
  216. Java Platform
  217. MDA3 instant email problem
  218. Imate PDA2k vs Audiovox 6600
  219. two email Accounts
  220. Mda Iii
  221. Lost software CD to my SX66
  222. PPCBootscreens.com is back online
  223. 1.40.125 Upgrade and GPS Bluetooth Problem
  224. ringtone not playing sometimes
  225. Unknown Caller immediatley after I receive a call
  226. T9 input on SX66?
  227. Sent me XDA IIs instead of PDA2k...should I return it?
  228. New BT Headset
  229. blue tooth power settings? where
  230. powering on at random
  231. annoying little scartches
  232. ext rom
  233. Imate PDA2k Bluetooth problem
  234. wi-fi suddenly stopped connecting
  235. how to set first day of the week
  236. MDA 3 questions from a soon to be user
  237. Not enough memory in pda2k
  238. outlook contact dialing extension automatically
  239. broken touchscreen / Keyboard shortcuts
  240. Suggested/tried and tested apps for iMate PDA2K
  241. simple battery meter app for PDA2K?
  242. a couple of more questions, thank you guys
  243. looking for quality stereo headset for sx 66
  244. Camera function: POOR AUDIO QUALITY?
  245. Setting up a brand new PDA2k
  246. iMate PDA2K accessories from where?
  247. plastic film still over the screen?
  248. great software discount for readers of this forum.
  249. Version of ActiveSync not compatible with the connected mobile Device
  250. Version of ActiveSync not compatible with the connected mobile Device Error

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