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  1. anyone have a good large-button dialpad skin that works with new ROM??
  2. the new aku2 rom where should i get it from??
  3. Replacement App for Tasks?
  4. DirectPush Interrupts Calls (new ROM)
  5. IMAP Email - Deleting Messages On Server
  6. Has anyone downgraded back to the old ROM?
  7. Original Files on XV6700 - available for dowload anywhere??
  8. another method to prevent accidental #777 dialing
  9. DSOD after AKU2 ROM ugrade anyone?
  10. Lock feature with new ROM doesnt cut it.
  11. SPB Diary Question - what is the Pocket Outlook plugin it wants to install??
  12. Exchange 2003 sp2 push email help needed please
  13. How do you hide the extended rom once u've unhidden it?
  14. Tweaks2k2.NET question
  15. Is there a way to remove Windows Mobile startup logo after ROM update?
  16. OEM Car Charger LED wont light up or charge 6700
  17. Remote Wipe with screen prints (observations)
  18. AS: encounters critical error, creates multiple calendar entries, Outlook freezes!!
  19. Problems going from SPB Pocket Plus 3.08 to 3.10
  20. How to get TIME AND DATE on taskbar?
  21. AKU Direct Push Movies or Tech Info?
  22. dsm and rdu files - what are they and do i need them
  23. ActiveSync not syncing Calendar Item correctly between PPC and PC
  24. ActiveSync Problem (connection not available, trying to connect to exchange server)
  25. Need sprint's default Rom / extended ROM
  26. March Madness On Demand on 6700??
  27. lost ability to use Cyberon Voice Speed Dial "SDDIALER" with Today Screen Lock
  28. add new icons to systray without running a 3rd party app??
  29. wifi connection scanning?
  30. How to make hard button on side lock the device?
  31. Where in Los Angeles can I get the ROM Update?
  32. no extended rom since updating/cant program phone
  33. ipenablerouter - found in registry, what is it??
  34. Where is the "E-mail" file and what's its file name?
  35. MortSaver no longer unlocks after ROM upgrade
  36. TomTom device code change after Rom update?
  37. what is best site/software to use for March Madness scores??
  38. Verizon minute usage - possible to have daily report sent via SMS??
  39. Yahoo music videos - possible to watch from IE??
  40. 6700 locksup/freezes when answering incoming call
  41. Syncing to Exchange Sever/Network Config How To?
  42. Outlook Default under WM5?
  43. cannot install MS Voice Command 1.5 upgrade / update after ROM update
  44. Upgrade on 6700
  45. disabling "messege sent" messege??
  46. Please help to backup contacts with BT Voice Dial add-on
  47. Can't figure out how to disable the lock
  48. SERO: Is Business Connection included?
  49. G1000 replaced with ppc-6700(long Story)
  50. 6700 will not turn on sometimes (have to soft reset)
  51. Car charger and BT voicedial initiation problem.
  52. Orb/Gloonet: Anyone used both?
  53. Lack of A2DP in MSFP/AKU2 ROM upgrade (any workarounds??)
  54. I love this device!!!!
  55. Upgrading Verizon or other carrier's 6700 with the Sprint ROM??
  56. what is a GPS connection panel hack?
  57. activesync: stuck on "searching for changes"
  58. Stereo Bluetooth
  59. Voice command - change sound?
  60. Backlight won't come on :\
  61. possible to get faster Bluetooth Tether Speed XV6700??
  62. off topic: what do you mean when you say "bump"...
  63. anyway to customize agile messenger??
  64. I just want to say im part of the family now.
  65. Epocrates Rx Now Works With WM5
  66. How is an ipod better than 6700?
  67. 2.5mm Stereo earphone problem (sound only comes out through right earphone)
  68. Here are some FREE ISP Dialup numbers that work on the 6700!!!!
  69. Qwest 6700: cannot send email w/ Cox (System Administrator Invalid message recipient)
  70. Prevent MMS from loading
  71. Changing Battery resets background and backlight brightness settings
  72. recommend a Backup program? what does it backup? hard reset fixes all??
  73. need acrobat reader cab file!
  74. which 2GB card to buy? how to format it? DSOD? how do I transfer files to it?
  75. where can i get a better mic for the seidio cradle ?
  76. How are you integrating your 6700 to your car (automobile)
  77. is there an Enter button on the keypad??
  78. help!! how to migrate programs and registry from dellx30 to 6700??
  79. how do I select Autocomplete word without tapping on screen??
  80. odd results (too high) from dslreports speed test, anyone else??
  81. ok to Enable Data plan for a few days at a time??
  82. Trying to change slot cycle, can't change ##778# doesn't work?
  83. can't play musicmatch music (license issue error)
  84. How can I rewrite the "From" field in Outlook?
  85. Can someone post the CF 2.0 .net cab file??
  86. IE/Email Issues (IE page cannot be Displayed or dled because Connection was Lost)
  87. Alpha Build for WM 5 Agile Messenger now available
  88. cannot send using Charter's POP3 account (error: "invalid recipient")
  89. Pocket Hack Master/XPUScalar CANNOT increase battery life. wvufan proved it.
  90. Moving executables to storage card to increase storage memory??
  91. Beyond TV "file not found" on Media Player
  92. Trying a new fix for BSOD
  93. Easiest way to erase all calendar data?
  94. Today Is The Day!! New Software Release for 6700!!!!
  95. Weather Panel or SBP Weather??
  96. Rotate Screen Sys Tray icon missing
  97. Outlook sync
  98. EVDO only data transmission
  99. Does anyone own the eNOVO PPC 6700?
  100. Covertec Customer Support Disappointing
  101. Can't access Google: "the page cannot be found. Check the name and try again."
  102. Sync Problems-Desktop & Laptop: Activesync changes device name
  103. DRM Error when Playing Downloaded Storag Card WMA Files (storage memory works ok)
  104. I cant get my Sprint PCS mail to download Anyone have setup instructions
  105. Internet Explorer 6.0 on 6700 ??
  106. possible to Use 6700 as a thumb drive??
  107. divx on 6700 possible?? anyone try it??
  108. a program to shrink files?
  109. 6700 will not charge when Going from USB to Car Charger
  110. when I turn on Wifi, 1X/EV icon still remains, why??
  111. Need the ability to play *.mov files
  112. Active Sync Doubles my Contacts, normal??
  113. Cant get new/old tcmp to play mp4,mov, 3gp...etc
  114. Voice command. Am I missing something?
  115. when I upgrade my card, can I just copy all the program files over and will it be ok?
  116. Monitor the realtime battery usage on you phone
  117. Reminder Notification NOT working!!
  118. any way to add network disconnect button to 6700??
  119. uninstalled Vbar, now have problem with starting 6700 and syncing
  120. Exchange wireless sync fails after successful usb sync, error: 80072EE2
  121. Syncing two 6700s to the same PC: AS wants to create a new partnership
  122. Is there a program that just password protects certain other programs?
  123. Activesync starting on its own when undocked?
  124. slow typing response in text message, normal??
  125. plantronics discovery 645 BT headset availability??
  126. any program that exports text messages??
  127. Sony HBH-660 Headset not showing caller ID
  128. New Icon List for SPB Pocket Plus
  129. What can I say or do to get the $199 price from VZW?
  130. WMP10 available for 6700?? PC WMP10 will not recognize 6700, why??
  131. Is this phone really made by Audiovox?
  132. Bluetooth Local Area Networking/Chat: http://www.proximitymail.com?
  133. Nyditot 5.0 Released (finally)
  134. XV 6700 Service Programming Menu - anyone know how to get there??
  135. possible to move storage for email text to card??
  136. WiFi and Phone Network
  137. phone is acting slow, whats the memory hog here??
  138. Can not install .NET CF 2.0
  139. Car kits with bluetooth software - Suggestions?
  140. Reminder notifications NOT working!
  141. free AIM for the 6700? anyone know how??
  142. What case is this from thepocketsolution.com ??
  143. How to install a program and automate the confirmation??
  144. Verizon Voicemail Hack to include PIN???
  145. Camera settings to get rid of blue hue?
  146. WisBar and WisBar Advance Desktop vs. SPB PocketPlus
  147. Does anybody know how to get Yahoo music videos to play on the 6700???
  148. HELP please! "GPS" connection setting GONE--needed for Iguidance!
  149. Interesting Contacts/Voice Command/Caller ID issue...
  150. More rings before pickup before it goes to voicemail - how do I set up??
  151. Getting audio but no video for wmv webcast file from Microsoft
  152. My Call Log will has not recorded in 3 days
  153. what card are you using with your 2 gig miniSD card??
  154. any way to change the font in pocket ie?
  155. Is there a way to create a .lnk shortcut file to the wireless manager app??
  156. What programs CANNOT work off the memory card???
  157. stereo through two bluetooth headsets??
  158. cannot get rid of "a storage card was inserted. Do you want to search it for..."
  159. possible to connect photos on 6700 to Sprint Picture Mail online library??
  160. ietools .cab file anyone?
  161. What is this ' pim.vol' file ?? can I delete it??
  162. Weather Panel: How do you add images??
  163. when I try to play a full album with orb I get a lot of errors and timeouts, why??
  164. My ear makes unwanted changes to 6700 during phone call, how to prevent??
  165. possible to Stop Email Notification After One Notification??
  166. how do I open a PDF file on the 6700??
  167. 6700 will not sync (nothing happens when I place it in the cradle)
  168. AKU2 to disable Self-Signed Certificates?
  169. can 6700 do push email? affects battery life? Exchange server or Wireless Sync??
  170. intaslled TCPtune, Active Sync syncs but gives error code 86000107
  171. Any way to stop ActiveSync from automatically syncing from USB?
  172. Problems with Mini SD ejecting from slot?
  173. anyone have a good screensaver to share??
  174. Anyone dropped their 6700?
  175. installed TCPMP, 6700 now says "unknown" file type when clicking on mp3 files, why??
  176. whats better?? h700 or hs850
  177. cant get the wav file to work as ringer (6700 plays default tone for incoming calls)
  178. Kokkos Skins and Matching Today Themes
  179. replacement card, trying to reinstall apps to card but Unable to install
  180. How do you speed up your EV-DO?
  181. what's the loudest, noise cancelling bluetooth headset?
  182. Both Memory Cards stopped being recognized by 6700!!!
  183. SPB Finance accounts on Today Screen keep disappearing, why??
  184. can I use my I700 Minutes of Use (MOU) plan on the Verizon XV6700??
  185. Bluespoon Ax2 Ax Mini Small Bluetooth Headset
  186. Registry hack to change bluetooth device name
  187. help w/ language for registry keys that will restore FlightModeOnOff sound capability
  188. can't get orb to stream live tv (orb says playing & ready, but no video or audio)
  189. 6700 Synchronized appointments are 1 hour off, why??
  190. Would you buy it again?
  191. MAJOR problem with 6700 - microphone unusable in loud environments. any solution??
  192. Is there a way to load programs without a host PC?
  193. Auto SMS 1.5 "Ignore w/SMS functionality"
  194. any web browser supports MSNSportsNet GameTracker??
  195. way to set Outgoing bluetooth port on 6700??
  196. what is the easiest way to recover storage ROM (leftovers from uninstalled apps)??
  197. How Do You Charge Your 6700?
  198. No sound on 6700 (plug and unplug headphones to fix)
  199. any "Find" or "search" program like Intelligent Find PalmOS program??
  200. how to sync with Exchange server? go with Sprint? which plan?
  201. does the 6700 fully support Jabra bt620?
  202. having trouble getting/keeping stuff on 2 gig miniSD card
  203. please recommend some RSS software for use with the 6700
  204. what are you using for Push Email and how is it working out for you??
  205. 6700 will not sync contacts in ActiveSync 4.1
  206. Ridiculous request for info from sprint email for PRL update
  207. 6700 Will not WAKE UP (can see password screen)
  208. Hosted Exchange Account For Activesync Providers: My Recommendation
  209. What's the One Program or Hack that you cannot live without??
  210. button mapping: lost record button press function (only operates as press & hold now)
  211. Huge Thanks To Contributing Members!!!
  212. Microsoft Power Toys...Free and nice!!!
  213. which should I purchase first: miniSD card or bluetooth headset??
  214. Screen goes blank
  215. where are the Alltel smartdialer registry keys located??
  216. Activesync 4.1 guest only problem: unable to completely sync
  217. Time for a hard reset?
  218. Buttons stop working during call?
  219. how can I picture message with verizon??
  220. Anyone try the Drop and Roll Chip yet?
  221. Using a Verizon backup to restore a Sprint 6700?
  222. possible to alter registry key so never get hotmail session timeout??
  223. wireless Exchange server sync error - 80072EE2: "The server could not be reached"
  224. Extended ROM Problems - Can't see files?
  225. 6700 - No Simultaneous Button Presses / No Multiple Key Presses - ANY workarounds??
  226. hack for permanent left hand landscape??
  227. keep losing stylus, replacement suggestion?
  228. VC working with bluetooth headset with no hack
  229. Exchange 2003 OMA can't sync ("account does not have permission") - other 6700 works
  230. Is there a way to get #777 message not to come up?
  231. Can I prevent apps running off the card from closing automatically?
  232. recommend a Headphone adapter for 6700??
  233. Tasks List slowdown-Please Help
  234. Can I view/access my LAN on PPC 6700?
  235. Sprint ROM Version 1.03.00 WWE update
  236. Bluetooth Network Adaptors - any recommendations for use with 6700??
  237. Can sprint change my tower polling interval for me??
  238. Calls going Directly to voicemail - why??
  239. How do you get to picturemail?
  240. how do I install dialer skins for kikkos
  241. can the 6700 sync with WinXP x64??
  242. Updated Sprint Software / Hardware Versions??
  243. Sprint ## codes list??
  244. am I going to be able to use VC with bluetooth on, or not?
  245. possible to turn the volume control into a black berry wheel??
  246. Can I delete /MyDocuments/Web and other large files?
  247. Windows Media Player will not recognize my device
  248. IE hard button to launch Wireless Manager doesn't work
  249. SmartDialer menu covers keypad
  250. any way to get 1 button ring/vibrate??

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