View Full Version : Samsung SPH-i500 FAQ

  1. Samsung SPH-i500 FAQ
  2. How Do I Upgrade The Firmware on My i500, And What Does It Fix?
  3. Things the i500 will NOT do
  4. I500 Ring & Vibrate??
  5. How do I reset the i500?
  6. Why doesn't the charge indicator show up on my phone?
  7. Is there a charge/sync cable available for the i500?
  8. Can I use the GPS on my i500?
  9. Why doesn't I500 fully charge and show "80%"?
  10. How can I receive an SMS/text message from a user on a different carrier?
  11. How can I send an SMS/text message to a user on a different carrier?
  12. How can I send a one-way text message to another Sprint PCS phone?
  13. How can I read my PCS Short Mail messages?
  14. How can I receive a one-way text message (notification)?
  15. How do I use the "Mail" application?
  16. Does the Kinoma Player work with the i500?
  17. Does the Pocketop Infrared Keyboard work on the i500?
  18. Why can't I use the Speakerphone while I am using the Palm portions of the i500?
  19. Read This First

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