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  1. Sprint wants to know if you want an HD2
  2. Do you use your PDA phone for Music and Video
  3. s60/80, palm, windows, other
  4. What will happen first?
  5. Have you dropped (or plan to drop) Verizon???
  6. What do you think is most important in future PDA Phone Releases?
  7. When does software become public domain?
  8. Agile Messenger vs. IM+ vs. AIM 2.0
  9. Which Features Do You Want in a PDA Phone?
  10. Polls
  11. Agile or Verichat to purchase?
  12. GPS Software
  13. GPS or GPS Receiver?
  14. Bluetooth Headset Poll... I need decision help pronto!!
  15. GPS/Map Users - How Do You Listen To Your Voice Directions?
  16. Sneak preview of my Mortplayer skin - Audi MMI
  17. Which Phone
  18. Which Phone
  19. How much is enough for web browsing?
  20. What feature would be most important on your next PDA Phone.
  21. Get an i730, or wait? (Verizon)
  22. Sprint Users - Which Services do you have?
  23. What GPS Software Are You Using?
  24. Do you have the .NET CF 2.0 installed on your phone?
  25. how much data have you used?
  26. verichat vs. agile messenger vs. ??
  27. which of these phones would you get if you had too
  28. Which physical layout do you prefer?
  29. Phone format: Clamshell, Brick or Slider hiding the QWERTY?
  30. Good use for the camera?
  31. Sprint or Verizon: Which one do you have and for how long??
  32. Spb Diary vs. Pocket Breeze
  33. Thoughts on thie eBay user
  34. O2 X data
  35. PPC6600 or Treo650-700P
  36. Does anyone use i500 for internet??
  37. How to EXCHANGE the old Sprint branded phones for a Sprint-Nextel branded phone:
  38. POLL: What kind of games you would love to play on your phone?
  39. Call to action
  40. Why is the WM5 upgrade important to you?
  41. Block "Blocked Caller ID" calls
  42. POLL: Verizon XV6700...when???
  43. What bluetooth earpiece do u suggest
  44. [Release] Samsung I730 Theme & What color to do next poll.
  45. It has come to this, a Poll!
  46. Third Party Launcher Poll
  47. Dark Screen of Death (DSOD) Poll
  48. Oh dear ... another dilemma
  49. Crazy GPS Questeion
  50. Sprint Consumer/Customer Advisory/Advocacy Board Idea??
  51. How many people have a 6700
  52. Are we keeping it or returning it?
  53. who here actually uses verizon's wireless sync?
  54. Were you billed more for EVDO than base Vision?
  55. Who will move to the Treo 700?
  56. Mail Alternative...No...really
  57. WM5 on the CDMA Harrier (Sprint Version)?
  58. Survey on Mobile Demographics and Usage
  59. No Bluetooth Hardware Installed on this device
  60. how often do you do a reset (hard or soft)
  61. What GPS Spftware do you use?
  62. Is The I730 A Keeper?
  63. are all Treo 650 speakers bad
  64. Who's ordering a i730 Tomorrow?
  65. Who has gotten a I730 and how much did you pay
  66. GPS Mapping Software: Which one would you recommend?
  67. Opinion for MP V3 battery
  68. Who went from i500 to treo and who came back.
  69. best web-based driving directions (non-gps)
  70. Have you signed up to receive Amber Alerts?
  71. qtek 9090
  72. Would you like a detachable camera?
  73. What do you think?
  74. Poll - What would you like on your next Smartphone?
  75. msn messenger (works/doesn't work) poll
  76. Another poll
  77. How do you like your 5050?
  78. Dead i500 batteries ? charging/usage practices ?
  79. Moto MPx220 or Blackberry
  80. i need notepad for treo600
  81. Sprint Insurance on PPC-6601 ($5/mo) worth it?
  82. thera 2032 verizon
  83. PPC6601 or Treo650
  84. Do you use your Blackberry as a phone?
  85. im new
  86. SD Card Question
  87. Palm/phone getting stuck
  88. Phone/Palm getting caught up
  89. Get out of your contract
  90. how many i500 users out there?
  91. Verizon
  92. 7135 vs. Samsung SPH i600
  93. Phone Test Results
  94. Terminal Services!
  95. Hitachi G1000 or Treo 600?
  96. How often do you check SPS?
  97. Evaluating Pocket PC vs. Palm OS
  98. I300 or I330 Information
  99. aol and using the 7135 as a modem with winxp laptop
  100. When Will the Rumors Begin on a 7135 Replacement?
  101. How many have actually read the manual
  102. Bell Mobility Users --- Feedback Needed
  103. stand up and be counted ... 7135 users
  104. Screen Protector or Not?
  105. How many of you have a 7135?
  106. Poll - Are you happy with your 7135
  107. POLL-- Aftermarket Hardware Upgrades, would you buy?
  108. i500 Phone Aesthetics; Opinion
  109. How Many People Have Actually Already Received Their I500?
  110. need to buy
  111. Speakerphone?
  112. Should Sprint Scrap the Current SPH-i500
  113. Is the SPH-i500 Dead?
  114. Poll-- Jumping the Samsung i500 ship?
  115. Avitars
  116. Demographpics II Male/ Female
  117. Groups Demographics
  118. How many are using web/email ?
  119. Which browser is best?
  120. Has anyone NOT had "contrast shifts"?
  121. How many 6035 users still here?
  122. Poll on 7135 - Where Purchased
  123. Keeping the Plastic -- How Long
  124. 7135 open-flip sound
  125. Does your 7135 accompany you to the ...
  126. 6035 finally too flaky
  127. Samsung I-330 and Sprint Vision
  128. Have you bought accessories already, but not the phone itself?
  129. How much talk time are you getting from your 7135?
  130. What accessories do you have?
  131. Double Capacity Batteries
  132. BLASPHEMY: Alternatives to the 7135
  133. Which web browser do you like most?
  134. Best Palm Laucher program
  135. Bought for/from Alltel, activated on Verizon
  136. Will you switch carriers?
  137. How much will you pay for a headset/headphone combo adapter?
  138. When will Verizon Release the 7135?
  139. When do you plan on purchasing?
  140. Would you buy another touchscreen smartphone?
  141. PLEASE READ! Bluetooth adapter for 7135
  142. How long will you wait?
  143. Is barnz1 Crazy? Vote on it.
  144. Mail Poll
  145. WebBrowser Poll
  146. For how much will you sell your I-300 ?
  147. Who will be first: 7135? I-500? Tungsten-W?
  148. Who should become the new CEO of Palm?
  149. I would (do blank) to get my 7135 NOW!!!
  150. LBOCEAN's 6035 Parts Outlet
  151. How will you "dispose" of your 6035?
  152. Would you have bought the 6035/7135...
  153. Comdex 2002
  154. Comdex 2002
  155. Which would you rather have if stuck on a deserted island??
  156. Poll: When will 7135 be available
  157. Synchronization
  158. The great Sprint vs Verizon debate ...
  159. Holster, pouch, case, pocket, or purse???
  160. Boxers or Briefs?
  161. How patient can you be???
  162. Poll
  163. What do you think of the new frontpage?
  164. Replacement touch screens found!!!
  165. How many people w Sprint PCS want the phone now, and will buy it when it comes out
  166. Samsung SPH-I300 Finally dead (Obsolete)
  167. I300 Scenario
  168. Sharing your I300
  169. Did you read your manual yet?
  170. Average age of an I300 owner
  171. Average age of an I300, I330, I500.... owner
  172. Voice connection problems?
  173. How Many Hacks is your I300 Packing?
  174. What Skin do you have on Right Now?
  175. New App: 24/7 AIM Connection
  176. How do your friends/co-workers respond to your I300?
  177. SPCS Voice Command Synchronize Feature Problems
  178. 8 to 16 bit display?
  179. Full Keyboard or Thumboard?
  180. CONTEST: Graffiti Area Skins
  181. Would you purchase GPS hardware/software for your I300?
  182. Poll: Where are you using your i300?
  183. How much did you pay for your I300?
  184. Would you buy a portable keyboard for your I300 if one was available?
  185. Poll: Contrast Slider Position
  186. Streaking/Ghosting on I300 display
  187. First Impressions?

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