View Full Version : Hitachi G1000 FAQ

  1. USB malfunction
  2. Need WM 2002
  3. Wifi SDIO
  4. internet
  5. Help with using msn messager
  6. Help
  7. moving on
  8. Active Sync Partnerships
  9. Updating G1000 Software
  10. Getting buttons recognized for games
  11. ring tones
  12. G1000 & Wi-Fi
  13. Fatal Application Errors
  14. AOL Pop3
  15. Can the Hitachi G1000 view and send attachments?
  16. I can't get my Sprint PCS email through my Inbox?
  17. Engineering Menu's
  18. Low MP3 volume?
  19. Utility to turn off screen AND backlight off to save power?
  20. My device is locking up from movement, what can I do?
  21. How do you reformat a SD Card?
  22. Can my G1000 USB port host periperials?
  23. Is there GPS available for the G1000?
  24. How come my speaker button is not working?!
  25. Why does my screen flicker in sunlight?
  26. How do I install or move installed programs to my SD card?
  27. My G1000 gets an "Error C 27" message, what's this mean?
  28. Fonix doesn't work well, is there an upgrade?
  29. Can you use the G1000 as a modem
  30. Microsoft Reader on the G1000 is the older version w/ a memory leak
  31. How to Ping an IP Address from G1000
  32. Memory - where are you guys installing?
  33. Can ppc media player play videos?
  34. Palm to PocketPc converter?
  35. How do I get rid of the Annoying Sprint Popup when I have a weak signal?
  36. Any way to check minutes left?
  37. XCPUScalar 400 2.51 on the G1000 and Benchmarks
  38. Is there a way to set a ringer to a specific caller?
  39. Is the color display very vibrant and clear?
  40. Is this the latest OS for the Hitachi G1000?
  41. Whats the biggest expansion card I can buy to hold mp3's?
  42. Can you use the QWERTY keyboard to dial phone numbers?
  43. Read the battery life requirements, are they true?
  44. Can I sync it with my Macintosh computer?
  45. Does the MP3 playback sound good?
  46. Can it fit in your pocket easily?
  47. Can I email a photo directly from the G1000?
  48. Sync Problems? Try deleting the ActiveSync Partnership
  49. Cleanup Guidelines
  50. Related Links
  52. Reviews

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