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  1. T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition
  2. HTC Pocket PC Phone Edition FAQ
  3. T mobil PPC serial number (finding the production date)
  4. Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003
  5. Where can I get my favorite song for a ringtone?
  6. How do I update my PPCPE ROM using an SD Card?
  7. I broke my XDA display, where can I buy a replacment?
  8. External battery on T-Mobile PPCPE
  9. Easy way to get delivery confirmation for SMS on T-Mobile
  10. How do I setup my voicemail password entry with pause?
  11. Can I modify the XDA cradle so it will charge without AC?
  12. How do I turn of the new email tone?
  13. Can I use the Pocket PC Phone Edition / XDA in Canada?
  14. What is the format of a T-Mobile SMS address?
  15. Is there toll-free 800 number for picking up T-Mobile voice
  16. Why does my battery lose 50% of it's power over night?
  17. How can I create a custom audio cable for the Phone Edition?
  18. How do I use my Phone Edition / XDA as a modem for my PC?
  19. Where can I find a connector to fit the XDA/SX56/PPCPE?
  20. Exactly what is the ATT SX56's processor?
  21. Can I use T-Mobile T-Zones with the Pocket PC Phone Edition?
  22. Where can I get a Phone Edition in Norway?
  23. How can I update the ROM of one Phone Edition with another?
  24. Does AT&T have any type of Support Forums?
  25. Do I have the Pocket PC Phone Edition Operating System?
  26. Where can I get a stick on skin for my Phone Edition?
  27. How do I set the Phone Edition to Default to Speaker Phone?
  28. Articles
  29. Can I do MMS on my Phone Edition?
  30. How can I start my data (GPRS) session from the Start Menu?
  31. Why is my GPRS connection only 19.2Kbps?
  32. Can I upgrade my XDA?
  33. Are the XDA radiation levels within a safe range?
  34. Can I use iPaq accessories with the Phone Edition?
  35. Can I switch my Phone Edition from T-Mobile to AT&T?
  36. My display has a bunch of lines on it... is it defective?
  37. How do I keep my phone from going to sleep?
  38. What are the various ROM versions out there?
  39. What are the different variations of the HTC Phone Edition?
  40. Why do I loose my signal and not get it back?
  41. What does the "G" mean that appears on my phone?
  42. How does a memory upgrade affect battery life?
  43. How do I hard reset (cold start, full reset) on the phone?
  44. What speed can I get with GPRS vs. GSM dialed?
  45. Discussion Forums
  47. Related Links
  48. Reviews
  49. How do I stop the annoying low battery warnings?
  50. How can I get the sound to come through my car's speakers?
  51. Can I use it easily in my car?
  52. Where can I buy one... cheap?
  53. How do I monitor GPRS Usage?
  54. What is the SMS bug, and can I fix it?
  55. How do I send AIM messages using SMS?
  56. What does the LED mean when it's flashing?
  57. What can I use the SD slot for?
  58. Are there any fixes or firmware updates available?
  59. What's the pinout of the adapter on the phone?
  60. Can I use the phone without a SIM?
  61. Can I add more memory to my phone?
  62. What is the paint problem, and what can I do about it?
  63. Whats the problem with the headphone jack?
  64. Are there any car mounts that will work with my phone?
  65. Are there any keyboards available for my phone?
  66. Can I use a GPS with my phone?
  67. What power adapters are available for my phone?
  68. Can I connect a standard earbud to my phone?
  69. Can I use a Bluetooth headset with my phone?
  70. Is there a smaller extended battery available?
  71. Is there a way to get a larger battery?
  72. Where can I get a case for my phone?
  73. ABOUT the PocketPC Phone FAQ - Follow this link...
  74. Where can I get a case for my phone?
  75. Can I use the phone with other GSM Carriers like Cingular?
  76. What does it mean to unlock my phone, and how do I do it?
  77. Can I use my US phone in Europe / Europe in US?
  78. What's the difference between the hardware?
  79. How do I find out what data and voice plans are available?
  80. Can I use my phone with only a data or voice plan?
  81. How do I remove the T-Mobile Applications Monitor?
  82. How do I turn the phone part off, and leave the PDA on?
  83. How do I use the speaker phone?
  84. Can I change the vibrate function of the phone?
  85. How do I mute the phone?
  86. How do I do pause dialing?
  87. What can I do about lockups?

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