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    Buying products through e-bay

    Is buying products through e-bay safe. will i get the original product for which i have paid. has anybody bought any products through e-bay.i dont know how much reliable it is. so has anybody bought any products from them and howz their service.do we get the products in the time limit they say or do we have to keep on calling thoes people for the product.

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    No one can really answer that question because eBay is not a company selling the items. Individual people or companies are posting auctions. There are some good and some bad. You can look at their feedback to try and gauge if you trust them, but you don't have alot to go on. The auction listing should tell you if the product is new or used and what it includes.

    I do buy quite a few things on eBay and I also sell things. You just need to be careful.

    P.S. The eBay site has some tutorials for new users, check them out!
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