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    Question 8 to 16 bit display?

    I do not remember where I heard this, but I read somewhere that the i300 had a 16bit display capability. Is this true and can it be changed?
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    I don't know what the hardware display controller ACTUALLY can do, or what the display ACTUALLY can display, but out of the box, we see 256 colors (8 bits).

    Time to sick Jake on it?

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    Yeah. Unfortunately, Samsung is a lot like Compaq... it's big enough to go off on its own and do weird things its own way instead of just rebranding OEM components, so you can't just go around them to get the real answer.

    Short of kidnapping an engineer and shooting him up with Sodium Penethol to make him talk, it's next to impossible to find out once and for all which limits are hardware-imposed and which limits are merely software-imposed.

    (Dark room with a single bulb hanging above a dentist's chair. Samsung engineer strapped in, high as a kite, babbling about how he prefers spearmint to peppermint chewing gum):

    i300 owner How much video ram does the i300 have?

    Engineer Well, my GeForce card at home has 64 megs. You know, I like my...

    i300 owner No, the i300. The i300. (waves i300 in front of engineer). How much video ram does it have?

    Engineer 8 megs.

    i300 owner No, video ram. VIDEO RAM. V-I-D-E-O R-A-M.

    Engineer oh... THAT ram... uh, it has ______k.

    i300 owner and can it do 16-bit video?

    Engineer Videos? You know, I think MTV used to be a lot better 10 years ago...

    i300 owner NO! The CHIPSET! Does the i300 have the innate capability of doing 16-bit video if someone where to write straight to the hardware?

    Engineer Oh... Actually, ___________ .

    i300 owner What about flash?

    Engineer Gordon? Wasn't there a movie about him?

    i300 owner Yes. But that's besides the point...

    Engineer I loved Flash Gordon comic books.

    i300 owner Well, Flash wants to know whether the i300's copy of PalmOS is stored in nonvolatile ram that can be erased and updated.

    Engineer Without Samsung's permission? They wouldn't like that!

    i300 owner We don't give a **** whether or not Samsung approves. Just tell me, dammit! Can it be done?

    Engineer Uh, _____________.

    (i300 owner leaves Engineer in room babbling about company stormtroopers confiscating the internal developers' copies of the i300 SDK the day before its release)

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    That Was Hilarious

    Thanks for the scenario Miamicane! I haven't laughed that hard since American Pie II. I can just imagine this scene in the next Rush Hour with Chis Carter interogating the engineer and his voice going hypersonic at the end.

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